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Penis Enlargement FAQs

What exactly is the Hercules System program?2022-09-30T12:25:37+00:00

A: The Hercules System is a program of special designed exercise routines to Lengthen, Thicken, and Strengthen your penis. Most of the exercises in our system can ONLY be found in  The Hercules System. You’ll go from Beginning, to Intermediate, to Advanced Levels of Penis Enlargement within our program. We have created several Unique exercise systems that will Guarantee the success of your Penis Enlargement

In addition to the Penis Enlargement and Strengthening exercises, we offer a chat room, an information section devoted to building penis enlargement at home, Real Video and Picture samples of all exercises, a complete section devoted to sexual techniques, a devoted section on Male health and Fitness, Private Consultation forum, 24 Hours E-mail support, Plus Lots, Lots More

 All of these extras are FREE when you Join “The Hercules System” And this is just the beginning!

What about those other programs out there on the Internet that claim to deal in natural penis enlargement, and what about “enlargement” pills?2022-09-30T12:31:25+00:00

A: Unless you want to waste your money and your time, avoid these types of sites at all costs:

  1. Natural “enlargement” programs out there (including several “medically backed” sites) claiming to be based on “ancient techniques” or some other esoteric principle. A waste of money and time.
  2. Any site that comes “Recommended #1” by some unknown authority. Want to know who they’re really recommended by? If you were to do a DNS look up the owner(s) of those unknown authority “expert” sites, You’d find that most of them are actually owned by the same people who own the sites that they are recommending!
  3. Sites bragging about their “hundreds of exercises”. Let’s clear something up here. Those sites try to make up for their lack of quality information by offering you a large quantity of ineffective, unproven, and possibly dangerous exercises. Why would anyone want or need “hundreds of exercises”? If you want to enlarge and strengthen your penis without wasting your time, you’ll need exercises planned out in easy to follow routines that have been proven to WORK!                                                                   
  4. About many of those “enlargement” pills- a main ingredient in most of those pills is “Maca” and/or Yohimbe, which has mild Viagra-like effects. They may make your penis harder, but they will NOT make it any bigger. Viagra is the most potent erector on the market today, but the company that makes it doesn’t claim any enlargement effects. Why? Because no pill by itself can actually enlarge your penis. You should also know that many of those “enlargement” pills sold also come with a basic manual of basic penis enlargement exercises. Also note- The “enlargement” pill pushers tell you that to realize gains you’ll have to take the pills for SEVERAL MONTHS- which means you’ll have to order from them AGAIN AND AGAIN! The end result? Several months and several hundred dollars later, the only thing that’ll be enlarged are the pill pushers bank accounts! With the”100% natural penis growth” program, you’ll NEVER be charged anything beyond the initial joining fee!  

Real Penis Enlargement can ONLY be accomplished by using sound and proven scientific principles, like those found in The Hercules SystemEVERY technique in The Hercules System has been tested and proven to work time and time again. We have proven this over 57,000+ times as this is the number of Successful Members that have used our Guaranteed Penis Enlargement Program

How does natural penis enlargement work?2022-09-30T12:33:07+00:00
  1.  Rebuilding and expanding the spongy bodies in the penis known as the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum.
  2.  Lengthening the ligaments of the penis, the most powerful being the suspensory ligament.

Did you know that penile lengthening surgery (the Bihari procedure) is performed by actually SEVERING the suspensory ligament? Most people don’t realize (and some “surgeons” don’t want you to know) that there are MUCH more efficient ways of lengthening this ligament, without ANY of the complications or painful side effects of surgery. 

Penis Structure

How do I know if this program will work for ME?2022-09-30T12:35:36+00:00

A: This program is the result of YEARS of research. We have brought together only the very best techniques for penis enlargement and have met with great success with NOW over 57,000 Satisfied Members.

The Hercules System so thoroughly believe that our program works, we offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, after 12 months of using our program, you do not see results, we WILL refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Is this program really recommended by DOCTORS?2022-09-30T12:38:11+00:00

A: Yes! We actually have doctors and medical professionals as clients.

Dr. Robert F. Holland (BS, DC, PHD, DD)

The Penis Enhancement Program from is a natural winner as the proper use of the hand as means to increase penis size.

As such is based in the principles and practice of TANTRA YOGA and the Lingam Massage of the Wand of Light. Certain exercises help in the strengthening of the Prostate, while others help maintain healthy testicular sperm production.

Similarly, several of the other exercises stimulates the reflexology zone of the penis and the central connecting tendon. All found to not only lengthen and thicken the penis over many weeks/months of ritual practice, but also strengthens the erection as well.

Also, I found that the exercises help maintain longer lasting, more frequent erections that are much firmer and more muscular in appearance. This is an outstanding example of an all natural alternative to a BIG issue that worked WELL BEYOND our expectations. A truly OUTSTANDING Program that conquers the myth that surgery is the only alternative to male enhancement.

It is a well known scientific fact that a healthy sex life is vital to an individuals mental and physical health as the principles of Life, Love, and Procreation. Penis Enhancement Program gives a man the tools and knowledge that is necessary to increase penis size as a means of satisfaction to oneself, and one’s loved one.

Nature gifted men differently as to size that unfortunately some men feel inferior to others as related to masculinity and prowess.

The Penis Enhancement Program overcomes this problem allowing the man to mold his own penis to the size that fits his own psychological, and sexual needs as well as helps him maintain his own sexual health and well being. Our hat is off to and its Penis Enhancement Program, which opens a new chapter in the proper use of the human hand, and the exercise of the human mind. It really works, and I hope ALL men discover how well!

Are the results permanent?2022-09-30T12:39:28+00:00

A: Yes! Once you’d reached your desired goals, the gains are yours to keep Forever.  The Hercules System 100% Guarantees that you gain between 1– 4 in Length and 1– 3 in Girth.

Does this program work for circumcised/ uncircumcised penises?2022-09-30T12:39:55+00:00

A: It doesn’t matter whether your penis is circumcised or not… The Hercules System will work for any penis.

Will I receive anything through the mail?2022-09-30T12:40:21+00:00

A: No.  The Hercules System is totally on-line to ensure that you have access to all the latest information. We are constantly changing and improving the program, and staying online allows us to immediately update the program. A printed text would become outdated in a few days. We will not send anything through the post.

What if I’m not happy with the program?2022-10-12T22:11:41+00:00

A: We have Never had an Unsatisfied client since 2001. The Hercules System so thoroughly believe that our program works, we offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, after 12 months of using our program, you do not see results, we WILL refund your money in full. No questions asked.   

What will appear on my credit card or bank statement?2022-09-30T12:41:31+00:00

A: You’ll be billed by either CCbill our e-merchant processors. This will depend on your payment option. You will be discretely charged as “HS – Group” for your privacy!

Are there any hazards or dangers with the program?2022-09-30T12:41:59+00:00

A: No. Our techniques are perfectly safe. As long as you follow our instructions and make sure to contact our resident expert with any questions that you may have, you won’t have to worry about anything. We have an extensive FAQ Penis enlargement that has most topics and questions answered, but just in case your require more information we have a resident experts that can answer you 24 /7/ 365

Will I have to buy anything else to see results?2022-09-30T12:42:28+00:00

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our program has everything you’ll ever need for your natural enlargement, strengthening, and sexual health needs! Our system only cost $49.95. Limited 24 Hour Offer!!

I still have more questions! Who can I contact?2022-09-30T12:43:17+00:00

A: If you have ANY further questions, Please contact us on: [email protected]

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