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Penis Enlargement Doctor Recommended  

Dr Robert J. Holland
Recommends: The Hercules System Male Penis Enhancement Program.

May 14, 2018

To: Hercules System
From: Dr. Robert J. Holland, Psy.D., RCP.


Dr. R. Holland Wrote: “The Penis Enhancement Program from is a natural winner as the proper use of the hand as means to increase penis size.

As such is based in the principles and practice of TANTRA YOGA and the Lingam Massage of the Wand of Light. Certain exercises help in the strengthening of the Prostate, while others help maintain healthy testicular sperm production.

Similarly, several of the other exercises stimulates the reflexology zone of the penis and the central connecting tendon. All found to not only lengthen and thicken the penis over many weeks/months of ritual practice, but also strengthens the erection as well.

Also, I found that the exercises help maintain longer lasting, more frequent erections that are much firmer and more muscular in appearance. This is an outstanding example of an all natural alternative to a BIG issue that worked WELL BEYOND our expectations. A truly OUTSTANDING Program that conquers the myth that surgery is the only alternative to male enhancement.

It is a well known scientific fact that a healthy sex life is vital to an individuals mental and physical health as the principles of Life, Love, and Procreation. Penis Enhancement Program gives a man the tools and knowledge that is necessary to increase penis size as a means of satisfaction to oneself, and one’s loved one.

Nature gifted men differently as to size that unfortunately some men feel inferior to others as related to masculinity and prowess.

The Penis Enhancement Program overcomes this problem allowing the man to mold his own penis to the size that fits his own psychological, and sexual needs as well as helps him maintain his own sexual health and well being. Our hat is off to and its Penis Enhancement Program, which opens a new chapter in the proper use of the human hand, and the exercise of the human mind. It really works, and I hope ALL men discover how well!

Penis Enlargement Doctor Recommended  

Dr Frank T. Murphy
Recommends The Hercules System Penis Enlargement Program.

August 2nd , 2021

To: Hercules System
From: Dr. Frank T. Murphy, Psy.D., RCP.


I have been in the medical profession for many years now and I was somewhat taken a back by your program claims. In my years of study and research I have never came across a program which “claimed” to solve the penis size problem. So I decided to test your program. I know from personal research that psychologically women subconsciously desire a man with a larger penis. This has always made many men feel self conscious about their penis size.

I was initially surprised at the quality of the online manual. Having read through some of the techniques I noticed that your program includes techniques devised by Dr Kegel. I already knew that these techniques had been proven to increase girth and sexual stamina. After first experimenting with these techniques I concluded that your techniques really do work. I have personally experienced a dramatic increase in my sexual stamina, and now have the ability to control my penile muscles which allows the prevention of premature ejaculation.

The techniques devised by Dr Kegel are just a very small part of your program. With the aid of the pictures I also learnt other techniques which I previously was not aware of. After only a matter of weeks, significant gains were achieved in both flaccid and erect state. The Hercules System program is truly unique and I would personally recommend this program on a personal and professional level to anyone. Many people in my profession shy away from talking or even researching programs like this, this is just plain ignorance. If a patient came to me and wanted advice on penis enlargement and strengthening, I would recommend Hercules System without a thought.

The Hercules System Male Enhancement Program is the safest, easiest method to increase your penis size, sexual stamina, and self-confidence, and it really works!

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