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In Short: How Penis Enlargement Works?

Blood, It’s the lifeline, the Filler and the key to a Bigger Stronger Healthier Penis

When you have an erection, it’s just blood flowing into your penis causing it to expand. It’s very important to understand that. Without blood, your penis is just a small piece of spongy skin hanging between your legs! Blood is what mushrooms your penis into a big hard One

Think of a balloon. Without air, a balloon is just a wrinkled up piece of rubber, but fill it up with air and it becomes a big round fun balloon. Your penis is a lot like a balloon; without blood, it’s a wrinkled up piece of skin but fill it up with blood and it becomes a big strong Penis

Improve the blood flowing into your penis and you will have a new bigger, stronger and healthier penis.

Blood doesn’t only act as filler, it carries with it the oxygen and necessary foods your penis needs to grow and be healthy.

If the blood cells you let in were more clean, separated and organized, your penis will receive all it needs to grow healthier and stronger.

AND if you could pump more and more healthy blood into your penis, your penis will expand and mushroom even more.

That’s what Hercules Penis Enlargement System does for your penis. It dramatically improves the blood flow in your penis. It exercise and strengths your penis in many different and unique ways. The Hercules Penis Enlargement System lengthens, thickens and lets more Blood in, resulting in a much bigger and Healthier Penis

Penis Enlargement

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In Detail: How Penis Enlargement Works?

Your penis is made up of 3 main areas, 2 large chambers on the top (The technical term for this is the Corpora Cavernosa) and 1 smaller chamber on the bottom (the Corpus Spongisum).

When you gain an erection your penis fills with blood, filling these three chambers. The Corpus Spongisum is the chamber used mainly when you urinate and ejaculate. The Corpora Cavernosa however, is the main blood holding chamber of the penis, this is where 90% of all blood is retained each and every time you gain an erection.

Your present penis size is Limited in both length and width, by the maximum in which the Corpora Cavernosa can fill with blood.

Simply Put, this means it is impossible for your penis to get bigger by itself, as the blood which fills the penis is already filling the maximum size of the Corpora Cavernosa. The only TRUE method of penis enlargement is to properly develop and enlarge your Corpora Cavernosa. This is only possible through the use of dedicated exercises and techniques created especially for penile growth and development.

Secret to Penis Enlargement

The Secret to Real Penis Enlargement and overall Penis Health is to exercise the Corpora Cavernosa regularly. Using our Specially Developed exercises and techniques, will increase your penis Lengthen by 3″- 4″, and will also increase blood circulation for a Healthy Penis

How is the Corpora Cavernosa Enlarged?

Penis Structure


Our exercises actually break down the cell walls of the Corpora Cavernosa by forcing blood into them, each time this stretches the cells larger than normal. The penis then repairs itself by growing these cells back, larger and stronger each time, this allows the penis to hold more blood which expands the erectile tissue and over the course of a few weeks, results in a larger, stronger and fitter penis.

Most men worldwide are not aware of penile exercises even existing, this is the main reason why over 80 million men in the USA alone, have a sexual dysfunction of some kind. Simply because their penises have never been developed to its full potential.

Your penis is basically like any other part of your body, as it can be exercised and developed substantially larger and stronger than it presently is. Imagine if you had never exercised any part of your body, how extremely unfit you would be, well, the same applies for the penis.

The truth is, that the majority of men worldwide, including YOU, have very unfit and under developed penises.

Did you know that the average man reaches orgasm in just under 3 minutes…yes, less than 3 minutes! Studies show that 93% of all women are dissatisfied with their partners sexual performance, simply because the average man cannot last long enough to truly please their partner.

Through the use of proper exercises and techniques, the average man can develop his ejaculatory system and penile organs to truly control his ejaculations and even achieve multiple orgasms.


100% of Men Who Exercise Their Penis on a Regular Basis Experience Substantial Growth in Both the Length and Girth


The Hercules Penis Enlargement System contains all of the information and step by step instructions for developing and enlarging your Corpora Cavernosa.  

Exercising your Corpora Cavernosa will allow it to retain more blood as it develops larger and stronger. Consider this, If you worked out at the gym on a regular basis, you would expect to gain muscle growth, right?, well the same principle applies for the penis, using our specifically designed exercises and techniques on a regular basis, you can develop your penis and achieve substantial growth, ability and strength. 


100% Medically Tested & Proven!

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Not only does regular exercise of your penis increase size and girth, it also holds many other benefits, including the ability to hold more blood and increased blood circulation, resulting in stronger erections and sexual performance.

After just a few short weeks of exercising, you will notice the effects of increased circulation and your penis hanging noticeably lower.

Our program also promotes proper nerve and tissue health and will actually increase sensation and feeling to the penis, resulting in rock hard erections any time you wish. Regular exercising of the penis will also develop a very “muscular” look, surely standing out from the average penis in the locker room.

how penis enlargement works

The main benefit of our program however, is that it produces PERMANENT RESULTS. That’s right, the gains you achieve will not be lost once you stop performing these exercises. This is because, unlike muscles in the body, the cells in the penis do not have the ability to shrink once enlarged.

When performing these exercises, the cells in the penis are being constantly stretched and healed in the larger state.

All of these exercises and techniques are simple to perform, safe and do not cause any pain, in fact, they are actually quite pleasant. These methods are performed using nothing but your hands, No pills, No pumps and definitely no surgery.

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