A: Unless you want to waste your money and your time, avoid these types of sites at all costs:

  1. Natural “enlargement” programs out there (including several “medically backed” sites) claiming to be based on “ancient techniques” or some other esoteric principle. A waste of money and time.
  2. Any site that comes “Recommended #1” by some unknown authority. Want to know who they’re really recommended by? If you were to do a DNS look up the owner(s) of those unknown authority “expert” sites, You’d find that most of them are actually owned by the same people who own the sites that they are recommending!
  3. Sites bragging about their “hundreds of exercises”. Let’s clear something up here. Those sites try to make up for their lack of quality information by offering you a large quantity of ineffective, unproven, and possibly dangerous exercises. Why would anyone want or need “hundreds of exercises”? If you want to enlarge and strengthen your penis without wasting your time, you’ll need exercises planned out in easy to follow routines that have been proven to WORK!                                                                   
  4. About many of those “enlargement” pills- a main ingredient in most of those pills is “Maca” and/or Yohimbe, which has mild Viagra-like effects. They may make your penis harder, but they will NOT make it any bigger. Viagra is the most potent erector on the market today, but the company that makes it doesn’t claim any enlargement effects. Why? Because no pill by itself can actually enlarge your penis. You should also know that many of those “enlargement” pills sold also come with a basic manual of basic penis enlargement exercises. Also note- The “enlargement” pill pushers tell you that to realize gains you’ll have to take the pills for SEVERAL MONTHS- which means you’ll have to order from them AGAIN AND AGAIN! The end result? Several months and several hundred dollars later, the only thing that’ll be enlarged are the pill pushers bank accounts! With the”100% natural penis growth” program, you’ll NEVER be charged anything beyond the initial joining fee!  

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