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Every man wants to know how he stacks up size wise. How does he compare to other men? What is considered small, medium and large in terms of penis seize? Many studies have been done on this subject, but the largest and most recent credible study was conducted in 2001 by one of the nation’s leading condom manufacturers.

The Lifestyle Condom Company conducted the largest medical survey on penis size in March 2001. it revealed that 62 % of men have a penis that is 5.9” or shorter in length. 32 % of men have a penis that is between 6.0 and 7.1” in length. While less than 5% of men have a penis that is 7.2” or more. Well times are changing. Just listen to what penis size means to men and women.

England and their progressive attitude towards health matters is always ahead of the United States on alternative health issues. Normally something starts in England and is implemented in other parts of Europe and eventually the development makes it way to America. For example, England approves drugs much quicker than the United States. The latest data in the U.K. shows that male penile enhancement surgery is the number one form of cosmetic surgery performed there. It is also worth nothing that the sales of male enhancement supplements in England have increased dramatically in the last 12 months, which should result in a reduction in penile surgery.
Lab results, doctors’ analysis, and studies are always a great source of information and data on the pharmacology of a product and its effectiveness. But “real world” data, from men and their personal experiences with these pills is vital to our guide. Please take the time and send in any survey sheet you receive from us, as it helps us all. Thank you.
We all saw the Pam and Tommy Lee video. He was huge. She's the hottest chick in the world and could get any guy, and she goes for the guy with the huge penis. I heard Kid Rock is huge too. All the hot chicks want a guy with a big dick. Why do you think Heidi Klum is with Seal. He supposedly has a huge dick. Bottom line: chicks want a guy with a big dick - and I'm getting one!

Brian, Age 44:

Over the last eight years I have noticed my erections becoming softer, smaller and not as forceful. I have been pleased with changes in my penis and sex life with the pills I have been taking. I feel like I am 21 again and my penis is bigger than it ever was!


Bob, Age 48:

My whole life I’ve wanted a bigger penis. Now I have one thanks to supplements. I wish they were around when I was 18. But better late than ever.


Amber, Age 22:

I laughed at my boyfriend when he started taking penis pills. But after he added 3 inches, I stopped laughing and started screaming more! Sex with him is unbelievable.


Ellen, Age 28:

I slept with one guy who went from 6” to 8 1/2” with some pills he was taking. The difference was night and day. Unfortunately now he is sleeping with everyone and not just me anymore.


Kenny, Age 32:

I always wonder if the guy who was with her before me was bigger than I am. A big penis gives you great confidence. Women look and feel better with breast jobs, it’s about time men got something.


Roger, Age 57:

I can’t take Viagra, but I take natural pills. It’s fantastic!! Last week my wife and I had sex 11 times. I don’t know how big my penis is, but I don’t care. All I know is that it is working again and I feel super!


Tanya, Age 35:

Of course I like a guy to be big. I’m really disappointed when a guy is small. That’s when I have to fake an orgasm. I want the biggest man I can find. The bigger the better.


Celeste, Age 19

I'm in college and I have sex all the time. All the girls talk. I know who has the big ones. Sex with a guy with a big penis drives me wild. A big penis is a lot more important than personality, I think. Personality is important - but most guys are pretty much the same, so I
want a guy with a big penis. The bigger the better"


Danny, Age 32:

Since I am now 9" long all my sexual fantasies are coming true. I have done two chicks at once and I nailed an NFL cheerleader for three days straight!


Tony, Age 23:

Sure I’m gonna try them. What I have to lose? Risking the cost of a nice dinner for the chance to have a big penis for the rest of my life is a no-brainer.


Penis Pumps – Can They Really “Pump You Up?”
Pumps as penis enlargement method have been around for a long time and have shown to be successful for some users. However when speaking about using penis pumps, you have to consider the issue of safety which is a huge concern when using such products.

Basically a penis pump works like this:

A tube is placed over your penis, and the pump process is started by either manual pumping action or electric (automatic) means. The air is removed from the tube causing your penis to temporarily swell with increased blood. Most purveyors of penis pumps then recommend you to put a strap at the base of your penis to maintain your erection.

Some of the problems that can occur
from using pumps include:

You run the risk of getting lymph blisters on the glands of your penis from the contraption that you’re putting over it.

You run the risk of bleeding from burst capillaries. Suddenly sucking a lot of blood into your penis can rupture some penile blood vessels.

You run the risk of temporary impotence as consequences of the aforementioned risk.

CONCLUSION: While some users have reported success with the penis pump, the potential serious risks far outweigh the minimal chance for sustained growth.

Penis Surgery – Going Under The Knife – What Are The Risk?
Surgical penile augmentation (enlargement) has a long and checkered history that actually dates to 1893. Over time, the techniques have become more sophisticated but can still be broken down into two basic approaches.

To make the penis “longer,” a surgeon severs or moves the suspensor ligament, which holds the penis to the pubic bone. I put “longer” in quotes because this doesn’t actually lengthen the penis; it just allows part of what’s normally inside the abdomen to be moved outside. But I suppose seeing more penis is, in effect, having more.

To add girth to the penis, the surgeon extracts fat from the groin area and adds it to the penis either by aspirating it with a syringe and injecting it into the penis, or by removing a layer of skin and fat from the groin area and attaching it in place of the normal penis skin.

Of the options, injection is easier but not very effective. Most of the fat cells don’t survive, and the layer drops to a fraction of its initial thickness over a few months. It may also produce a more esthetically pleasing effect when done by a skilled surgeon, but sensation (nerves) may suffer. It’s also a considerably more involved surgical procedure.

In fact, none of these surgeries are trivial. Infection is always a risk, and both a urologist and a cosmetic surgeon may be required to produce a result without ugly scars. Expect to pay $7,000 to 12,000, depending on how extensive the work is.

There is precious little solid information on how satisfied men are with their augmentation surgeries. Information from surgeons obviously tends to be positive. But one study of 51 men reported in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality was not encouraging. Among these who had lengthening surgery, 69% were disappointed with the results. About half of the respondents who had sought increases in girth were satisfied. Most telling, perhaps, was that more than three-quarters were unhappy about how the finished result looked. For a real penis surgery horror story, read what happened to the legendary Hollywood movie producer Don Simpson (Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, Days of Thunder). His penis was basically mutilated! See his book High Concept for all the unpleasant details!

CONCLUSION: Unless you are incredibly desperate, this method is insane to try! It is just not worth it.

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