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“Skip the Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, These Natural Pills REALY Work!”
Who needs Viagra or Cialis when natural pills have improved so much they do the same thing without any side effects. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago when the first “herbal Viagra” pills were sold at GNC, the pills were so-so at best. Now, with so much money at stake natural nutraceutical companies around the world have been using pharmaceutical level technology and research to improve the quality of natural sex pills that work on demand. The efforts have paid off for many companies, as there are more than a handful that work quite well.

So before you start taking the pharmaceutical drugs – check out the natural pills first and see what you think – I bet you’ll be surprised at how well they work!

The best in its class! You can go all night long, and be a superhero in bed!
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Exotic new blend that is strong! Been drinking - no problem, it gets the job done!
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Hidden gem from Sweet Home Alabama! Great product for most men!
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Stamina Rx
100 Million pills sold can't be wrong. Stamina Rx is still top-notch!
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Vigor Rx
Finally cracks to Top 5 with strong new formula. It's a sure-fire winner!
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Virility Pills
Grade: A+

Virility Pills
With their exclusive rights to the wonder compound that makes it so amazingly effective, it is no wonder this five year old product is still so popular. Go into any Wal-Mart and chances are you’ll see someone buying a bottle of this dynamite product. It has been the number one selling Viagra alternative at retail stores for three years in a row. Not even Activator-Rx which is a fantastic product can deliver results quite as good as these and heres the best part, somehow they managed to make this stuff affordable unlike Activator-Rx which is quite expensive. No other product sold at retail stores, online, or anywhere else for that matter comes close to being as effective as Virility Pills. It was the king of the hill in 2009 and has only cemented its position as the leader of its catagory by a wide margin over the course of 2010. Not even the Activator-Rx which placed 2nd has been able to challenge Virility Pills place as champion. Virility Pills seems poised to remain undisputed through 2011 though you never know what breakthrough might be around the corner.

Those wanting to try Virility Pills can get it at Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite Aide, GNC and over the Internet at http://www.buyvprx.com. They ship world wide so you can experience the power of Virility Pills no matter what country you live in.

What is Virility Pills?
Virility Pills is all-natural male enhancement supplement that utilizes the only ingredient ever awarded a United States patent. We did the research and poured over of the science behind it and we can say for sure it is an amazingly powerfull compound that, when combined in their scientifically engineered formula with the other carefully chossen ingredients such as xanthoparmelia scabrosa and cnidium monnierin , makes Virility Pills by far the single most effective product in Viagra Alternitives catagory. According to Virility Pills, the pill begins working in less than an hour, making it easier to maintain an erection without needing additional assistance. That's not all, though – it also makes your erection bigger, harder and more rigid, making sexual intercourse more pleasurable.

Does it Work?: Absolutely. Not only is their unique patented ingredient rich in prostate-boosting sterols, such as beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol, there is also plenty of REAL hard evidence supporting its ability to improve erectile function. According to a study reported on PubMed.gov, the National Institutes of Health's medical study database, over 82% of men who took it for three months experienced significantly better erectile function, which helped improve erection strength and rigidity. The study also concluded it was not toxic, with no side effects noted by any participants.

Xanthoparmelia scabrosa and cnidium monnier are also both identified as potent libido boosters in Chinese medicine, backed up by plenty of anecdotal evidence. It's not clear how it works, but men who took both ingredients noticed a significant increase in libido, improving their performance in the bedroom. An increase in libido also improves sexual stamina, reducing the symptoms of premature ejaculation.

Is it Safe?: Yes. No known side effects or contraindications are associated with any of Virility Pills ingredients, including its unique patented compound. It also does not cause any dangerous reactions with other drugs or supplements.

Grade: A+. Not only is Virility Pills effective, it's virtually free of any side effects—something you won't hear from Viagra or Cialis. It's also one of the fastest working supplements—it literally goes to work in less than an hour to improve erectile function. Virility Pillsearns an A for using high quality ingredients that are proven to reduce erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation, something over-the-counter enhancement supplements can't do. You can get it at Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite Aide, GNC and over the Internet at http://www.buyvprx.com

Grade: A

ProEnhance - Wow! That’s the only way to describe this incredible product. Not only does it work fast and last a long time, but also it does not give you a headache. There are several products that work fast and last long, but many men report they have a headache the next day or they feel a little different. Not here. This is our #2 choice as the go to pill no matter what the situation. If you have been drinking – no problem, ProEnhance works great. Very popular in Hollywood and at Mansion parties!! Try it just one time and you’ll know why it’s so popular. Sensational product. Even we were a little surprised at how well it works, and we had heard all the hype and were expecting great things – it didn’t let us down! Also comes in a liquid for that works super fast as well! Available online, at retailers or over the phone directly from the company. See www.proenhance.com for more info

Grade: A

–Down in Birmingham, Alabama is a company called National Urological Group, and they have created this powerhouse product. Primarily sold through direct mail, we were turned on to this through a survey response. It did not disappoint. The small 525mg tablets are loaded with the right amounts of the key ingredients. When tested for piperziperoides, it scored off the charts!

Many people were shocked when it was reported that Pfizer, the makers of Viagra, ran into a problem at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  It seems USPTO do NOT want to grant a patent to Pfizer for Viagra because they say it is basically identical to an extract of Horny Goat Weed! It’s true. Now most HGW is dogshit – but some companies – including the makers of Uroprin know how to properly identify and extract the extract from HGW to make it work. Uroprin is proof. It works great! Who needs Viagra when SlapHappy is around? Available from the company at www.SlapHappy.com

Vigor Rx
Grade: B+

Vigor Rx
– Often confused with VigRx and Vigor 25, but there is a world of difference between the three. Most important – Vigor Rx hit the jackpot when it came to designing a top formula. One of the top five Viagra alternatives in the world. One of the keys to its effectiveness is its use of the compound Belizean Man Vine. This is a very rare compound that is legendary in Belize – but difficult to harvest and source. These guys apparently have the hook up because it really works. Just two capsules and in 30 minutes you are ready to go – super hard and for a long time. Many have complained that their ads and direct mail pieces brag too much that it’s a turn off or almost seems like bull. Well we can tell you they can do all the bragging they want because this pill works!! Great product. Available at retailers nationwide including many GNC stores

Stamina Rx
Grade: B+

Stamina RX
– You don’t sell over 100 million tablets if your pills don’t work. You don’t sponsor a NASCAR if your pills don’t work. Well this great product put out by Atlanta based formula genius Jared Wheat of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has been a top five product for close to 10 years! Jared was the first formulator in America to combine Cnidium Monnier and Xanthopharmeia Scabrosa, and the results speak for themselves. Stamina Rx is the real deal. Even though the formula hasn’t changed in 10 years, and new developments have been made in sexual supplements, Stamina Rx still gets the job done like a champion.Not in the same league as Activator Rx or Zyrexin, it’s still a great product. One word of caution however, since it has been so popular for so long, there are a number of Stamina Rx counterfeits and imitations on the market, so look for the Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals name on the bottle or blister pack. Also has a Stamina Rx liquid and a Stamina Rx drink called “Sex on The Beach. Both are innovative well-made product. The Sex on the Beach tastes just like the cocktail. Available nationwide a retailer like Rite Aide, and GNC and at thousands of gas stations.

Grade: B+

– Not able to crack our Top %, this great product is however the “best of the rest”. The science behind the formula is cutting-edge and it uses the highest level of “active” ingredients on the market. Lab tests were extremely impressive. Works in about 35 minutes and last for hours. It works by suppressing the alpha-2 adrenergic system, a process that has been shown in numerous clinical studies to increase blood flow to the penis in a fast and effective manner. If you have ever tried it no doubt you’ll agree it works. Still not as strong as the top five, it is one or two ingredients away from being considered a Top 5 product. Available over the phone at 1-866-739-4372.

Grade: B

- Taking their logo from the popular energy drink Rock Star, this capsule can get the job done! With such a graphic name they have not been able to get mainstream distribution in the Wal-Marts and GNC’s of the world. However, this solid product, sold only in two pill blisters is sold both online and at many adult bookstores across the country. The formula can be hit or miss depending upon the harvest of the herbs, but more often than not it’s a winner. Sometimes it is too strong which can result in a headache, but that may be a small price to pay for an erection that resembles a baseball bat! Cock Star may sound like a gimmick, but it works.


Grade: B

What are Argionic Capsules?
Argionic's male enhancement capsules don't promise to make your penis larger—instead, they claim to make it harder, stronger and more rigid, making sex more pleasurable. It enables this through l-arginine, an amino acid they claim increases blood flow to the corpus cavernosum, the spongy material inside of the penis that makes it erect. It also supposedly revs up the male libido, making it easier to get erections without needing pharmaceutical drugs or supplements.

Ingredients: Argionic Capsules contain l-arginine, ginkgo bioloba, maca extract, yohimbe and tribulus terrestris.

Does it Work?: Probably. Our lab tests reveal it contains average amounts of l-arginine and yohimbe, ingredients that may reduce the complications of erectile dysfunction (ED), a condition that makes it difficult to maintain (and sometimes produce) an erection. According to a 2002 study reported in the Journal of European Urology, patients who took l-arginine and yohimbe noticed a significant decrease in erectile difficulty, enabling them to maintain an erection without needing additional stimulation. Further studies also show both ingredients, when used together, increase nitric oxide production leading into the penis, quickening the time between flaccidity and full erection.

There isn't much evidence it can increase hardness and rigidity, however, although increased nitric oxidation may increase penile hardness.

Is it Safe?: Mostly. Yohimbe is associated with an increased risk for insomnia, panic attacks and hallucinations. People with panic disorders should not take it because it may worsen their anxiety. Yohimbe may also increase the risk for high blood pressure, abnormal heart rate, dizziness, skin flushing, and in severe instances, seizures and renal failure.

Grade: B. Popping an occasional capsule isn't likely to improve your reproductive health, but daily supplementation will—its ingredients are proven to reduce the complications of erectile dysfunction (ED), making it easier to maintain an erection. It may have some unwanted side effects, however, including insomnia, abnormal heart rate and skin flushing.

O Max
Grade: B

O - Max
– From the good folks over at Screaming O Enterprises comes this very solid product. They got it right when they spared no expense to find a top formulation team and manufacturing laboratory. These capsules work in less than 45 minutes and the effects can last for hours. Tested very similar to Cock Star in the lab for levels of key ingredients. Tough to find as it is mainly solid in adult stores in the Arizona, Nevada and California. Hard to find on the east coast at this time, though the company says it’s expanding their distribution nationwide this year. Very good product that can give you the results you are looking for.


Stiff Nights
Grade: B

Stiff Nights
– With a name like Stiff Nights, it’s no secret what this pills was designed to do! And they did it –it works pretty darn well. While the capsules are small and don’t appear to look like much, the secret to its success is the high level of extraction used in the formula. All of the top 10 products use super highly extracted ingredients, some of which are actually classified as “pharmaceutical grade”. Here with Stiff Nights, the small size of the pill is not diminishing its effectiveness because the “active” ingredients are so highly extracted. Great lab scores, as you would expect. Stiff Nights is a very good product. They are located in Springfield, Missouri and you can order direct from them over the phone at 1-888-835-3881.

72 Hours
Grade: B

72 Hours
– Who wants to have a Woody for 72 hours?! Well, their intentions are good and so is the product. 72 Hours works, but the name is more of a marketing gimmick than anything. It doesn’t seem to last 72 hours – or even close for that matter, but it does work. Take two pills and in around one hour you should see good results.


Grade: B

EXTENDACAL – Pretty decent product that has a solid group of ingredients, which over time can help enlarge your penis. The formula contains L-Arginine, ZMA, Avena Sativa, Saw Palmetto, Orchic, Ginko Biloba and Vitamin E. This seven compound formula provides most of its benefits in the form of L-Arginine which has been scientifically proven to increase blood flow helping to expand the capillary matrix of the penis. Avena Sativa and Saw Palmetto are herbs that help target the penis for growth, while Ginko Biloba also aids in circulation and Vitamin E helps increase sperm production. The ratios and amounts of these ingredients are too low to rank Extendacal in the upper echelon. It definitely has the ability to help you increase the size of your penis, but probably not as dramatically as you would like. Still a very well made product. GRADE B

Grade: B

- Another gas station All-Star. This 18-ingredient product works pretty well and gets the job done better than most. Primarily sold at gas stations in Texas and Florida. At $9.95 a pill it’s a little on the expensive side. However, if its midnight, you have a hot date and you are looking for an extra boost, its nice to know you can go to your local gas station and grab this! It works. Normally kicks in around the 60-minute mark and seems to last for a few hours. Cheesy looking packaging and poorly distributed, but its still an excellent product.


Grade: B

ERECTINOL - This popular mail-order product comes from natural-products advocate Dr. Alan Sears. Dr. Sears has several good products and provides excellent health advice for men through his writings. This product is a bit of a disappointment, though, in my book. The 5-ingredient formula is a little bland and light of key compounds - with only 25mg of Arginine, 100mg Maca, and 100mg Horny Goat Weed. I still like the fact that he focuses on some of the key compounds and doesn't put unnecessary fillers in his formula. The compounds are delivered in a capsule and not a tablet, which is another plus. Good product but not outstanding in my opinion. GRADE B


Grade: B

– This Zyrexin knock-off is actually not bad! We call it a Zyrexin knock off because as Zyrexin was setting sales records at Wal-Mart and other retailers, numerous products flooded the market with a similar formula and Virectin was one of them. But this one actually does a pretty good job of getting you hard. Lab reports were better than average and the pills doe work for most men in about 60 minutes. All you need is one 300mg capsule and your ready to roll. Only available by calling them directly at 1-866-850-3170


Grade: B

– One of the original products to incorporate L-Arginine into its formula starting back in 1998. Formulated by Maryland based urologist Melvin Duckett, the product has not changed since its introduction. It is not a bad formula but it has surprisingly low levels of L-Arginine. 100 mgs of L-Arginine are in each serving, which, according to published clinical trials, is well below those levels required to be effective. It takes a long time to see results from using this product based on what I have heard from people, but it's still a decent product. And don't forget, Dr. Duckett did a great job of spreading the awareness of the sexual benefits associated with L-Arginine use. GRADE B

Grade: B

– From Palo Alto Labs, the Florida/Maine based company behind Aspire 36 Plus and Vazopren, this product is not designed to work in less than an hour, but is designed to work over time. You must take if for about two months for it to kick in as the ingredients are designed to work over time. And they do. It tunes up your entire “male area” and can make a big difference. Only gets average marks here however because, as a Viagra alternative, most men desire a pill to work on-demand, in less than an hour. But if you are in no hurry, this might be the product for you. Some top products just take time to work. In fact, the number one rated last longer product XanthoRX, takes a few months as well, but its worth the wait. Here too, the wait is worth it for many guys. You can get is by calling 1-877-216-9766.


Grade: B

Desire – This three pill blister pack sold at Vitamin Shoppe and gas stations, is more marketing gimmick over formula. While it does work better than most, its’ still not the elite product it claims to be. The formula has a few innovative twists, but the results are only slightly better than average. This is a new company and to produce a product like this with their first try is impressive. I think after they get more consumer feedback, they will be able to tweak their formula and look for Desire to get better over time. Hard to find on the Internet, best bet if you are interested in trying Desire is a Vitamin Shoppe retail store.

Grade: B

– Powerful formula aimed at the less than 40 crowd looking to be Superman in the bedroom. Chock full of cutting edge pro sexual nutrients and testosterone boosters. As one survey sheet put it, “I felt like a caged animal released.
I had so much energy and sexual stamina.” Not recommended for older men since the effects are quite powerful and might be too much for them. The top rated designer power pleasure pill. Young men who have no trouble performing and already have a good sex life see this as a way to turbocharge their pleasure. Formula is very well designed. Top 15. GRADE B


Grade: B

– No matter how hard we try we still can’t pronounce the name of this fine product correctly! Crazy name, but a rock solid product that really works every time you use it. We first found this at the Touch of Romance stores in Seattle, at the suggestion of a friend. While it’s not a Top 5 Viagra alternative, it is certainly worth the money and will get you very hard, very fast. Works in less than 60 minutes. Wish it were a little bit stronger, but it certainly works. Crazy name and colorful package make it easy to remember. Many men love this product and certainly give it strong thumbs up!

Grade: B

– Another Viagra alternative that is better than most. Most of its success can be attributed to the way the 21 ingredients are mixed together. Great synergistic blend. Very little side effects like headaches or blurred vision. Works in about 60 minutes and seems to stay with you about 12 hours, so you can have sex at night, and the next morning your ready for a pre-breakfast bang! Seems to have a nice effect on your stamina as well. Good top 20 product. You can get it at www.ziapro.com. We haven’t seen it at any stores.


Lightning Rod
Grade: B

Lightning Rod –One pill can put a little lightning in your rod – but now as much as you might be looking for at $11.00 a pill. While it does work (remember there are plenty of products out there that promise to make you rock hard in less than an hour and they never, ever, ever, do a thing), it’s just not as strong as the elite products. Sold mostly around Las Vegas and Phoenix, it relies too much on the clever named and logo appeal of putting lightening into your rod. Two capsules would work great but then you are spending $22 for one does – too high. Good not great.


Grade: B

BETTERMAN –Excellent product that made it into the Top 15. The Chinese formula is over 50 years old and was brought to the U.S. by Peipei Wu Wishnow, Ph.D., a founder of Massachusetts based Interceuticals. A research scientist, Wu Wishnow was born in China where she perfected the art of preparing remedies. The formula consists of 18 pure Chinese herbs. The two active ingredients in the formula are Wu Wei Zi, a dried fruit, and Yin Yang Huo, a dried plant, both of which are non-toxic. The recommended dosage is to follow two 20-day cycles – one capsule twice a day for 20 days, followed by a three-day break followed by another 20-day cycle. Reports have been positive. Best results usually require three twenty days cycles. Results and reports have been positive. GRADE B+

What is Betterman?
Betterman is a male enhancement supplement that helps reduce urinary frequency and erectile dysfunction (ED), two common problems that affect American men over age 40. Using a variety of Chinese herbs and extracts, it naturally improves blood circulation, sexual function, and the strength of blood vessels, making erections easier to maintain. Betterman is taken in cycles to ensure the body is constantly stimulated by its ingredients, with results seen within weeks of use.

Ingredients: Betterman contains ginseng root, yam rhizomes, white peony root, epimedium, deer antler, astragalus root, poria fungus, morinda root, cornus fruit, wood cotton bark, dong quai root, wolfberry fruit, rehmannia root, Szechuan Lovage root, schisandra fruit, Siberian ginseng, cynomorium and cinnamon bark.

Does it Work?: Probably. Ginseng is a very popular—and effective—herb for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which currently affects nearly 30 million men in the United States. According to one study conducted by Yonsei University in 1995, 60% of men who took ginseng regularly significantly reduced erectile difficulty, making it easier to maintain an erection without additional support.

Yam rhizomes also contain vitamin C, which helps strengthen veins leading to the penis, increasing penile rigidity. Strong veins also make it easier to get an erection, eliminating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Is it Safe?: Yes. It may cause negative interactions with other drugs, however, including phenelzine and coumadin. It may also worsen the effects of digoxin for people suffering from congestive heart failure. If you suffer from congestive heart failure, seek medical advice before taking Betterman.

Grade: B. Betterman contains several key ingredients that help reduce erectile dysfunction, increasing penis rigidity and hardness without the use of harsh chemicals. Over time, Betterman may reduce your symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This is an excellent product for improving your sexual stamina and power.


Yohimbe Fuel
Grade: B

- This is Twin Labs yohimbe product. Twin Labs is one of the oldest and most respected supplement company in the industry, having been around for almost 40 years and making some of the best supplements on the market for many years, among them, the popular weight-loss supplement Ripped Fuel. Each capsule of Yohimbe Fuel contains 400mg of yohimbe standardized to contain 8mg of yohimbe alkaloids. This is as strong as a yohimbe product gets! The level of yohimbine alkaloids is what is important in determining the quality and strength of yohimbe. If you like straight yohimbe, this is an excellent, high-grade source that can't be beat. The only reason it doesn't get an "A Grade" from me is I think straight yohimbe is not enough to make a pill top notch, and it is not appropriate for every man. But if you like yohimbe, as many men do (remember yohimbine is prescribed in some European countries for erectile difficulties), then this is your Graceland. GRADE B


Red Kat
Grade: B

- My choice as the coolest-looking bottle on the market. The formula is simply 200mg of "Longjack" which is also know as Tongkat Ali and Eurycoma Longfolia jack. Red Kat a high-potency version of Longjack, which is probably why it is so expensive at $62 a bottle at GNC. There is some impressive research that supports claims associated with high-quality extracts of this small tree found mainly in Southeast Asia. It has been shown in studies to help you maximize your body's use of testosterone and it also frees up inactive testosterone and activates it. I put Longjack in Herbal V before anyone had Longjack in any sexual supplement and I remember getting a 100:1 extract sent to me from some suppliers out of Atlanta a few years ago that I really liked. If you like pure Longjack, then this is the product for you. It was developed by the company Biotest, from Colorado Springs, Colorado which has an excellent reputation within the legitimate supplement industry for developing top-notch products. They have the raw extract tested at an independent laboratory to verify potency. That is what top companies do. GRADE B

EV Strike
Grade: B

– Brilliant product that is just a few steps behind Herbal V as the number 1 natural pill in the country. L-Arginine based product that uses a patented time-released delivery system that is extremely effective. Many men who did not respond to Viagra or Herbal V have had great results with E.V. Strike. L-Arginine is an amino acid that is broken down to Nitric Oxide, which relaxes blood vessels in the penis and permits greater blood flow to the penis. Reports we have received are incredible. Top quality ingredients means a steep price, but the results men have reported are sensational. Whether it takes two weeks or four weeks to work for you doesn’t matter, because once it works you’ll be a new man again, and able to function normally from that pointforward. L-Arginine is combined with a number of other supporting ingredients making E.V. Strike a better choice than other L-Arginine based products. Fantastic product! GRADE B


Grade: B-

What is ArginMax?
ArginMax is an all-natural male enhancement product that helps reduce erection problems caused by erectile dysfunction (ED), which affects nearly 30 million American men each year. It works by increasing blood circulation to the corpus cavernosum, the spongy material inside of the penis that creates an erection. The result? A stronger, longer-lasting erection, which stays erect even without additional physical stimulation. It's essentially herbal Viagra without the harmful side effects.

Ingredients: ArginMax contains l-arginine, ginseng, ginkgo, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B, selenium, zinc and niacin.

Does it Work?: Yes. The effectiveness of l-arginine on male sexual health is paramount—according to a study reported in the British Journal of Urology, 31% of men who took l-arginine supplements doubled their nitric oxide levels, significantly reducing erectile dysfunction. According to a similar study conducted on lab rats, consumption of water laced with l-arginine increased penile hardness by up to 148%, with an increase in nitric oxide levels by 100%.

According to LovetoKnow expert Mike Johnson, vitamins A, C, and E also increase sex hormone production, improving a man's sex drive and penile strength by strengthening the veins leading to the penis. It also helps increase sperm count, essential for improving fertility.

Is it Safe?: Yes—but be careful if you have a pre-existing heart condition, liver or kidney disease. L-arginine can cause low blood pressure or affect the blood's electrolytes, causing heart or blood pressure problems. Overuse of l-arginine—which won't happen if you use ArginMax as directed—may also cause cramping, nausea or stomach discomfort.

Grade: B-. ArginMax contains safe, effective ingredients that help reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, increasing penile hardness and rigidity. It's also safer than other prescription medications, such as Viagra or Cialis. This is an excellent product for reducing erectile dysfunction safely and naturally.

Male Fuel
Grade: B-

– When a product is put out by Twin Labs, as this one is, you are guaranteed that it is well manufactured and contains what the labels says it does, which is not always the case with many products today. Male Fuel is an interesting combination that is dominated by two main ingredients – Yohimbe bark extract 800 mg per six capsules and L-Arginine 2800 mg per six capsules. L-Arginine seems to work best in elderly men who normally need a little time on a supplement to get their plumbing working properlyagain. So the L-Arginine in these amounts is great. However, the high level of Yohimbe, is not good for men with high blood pressure or a number of other conditions. The label does contain a proper warning, which is necessary because Yohimbe can make a man’s heart race if he takes too much. These ingredients individually are great, but together in such high amounts, seem to be best suited for younger men in perfect health looking to increase circulation to the genital area. There are better Yohimbe products (including Twin Labs Yohimbe Fuel) and better L-Arginine based products. Top-quality ingredients and complimentary ingredients including Ginkgo Biloba extract, Saw Palmetto, L-Tryosine and Zinc make this product better than most. GRADE B-


Grade: B-

– Often thought of as an Imation of Uroprin. Think Aerosmith to the Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits to the Beatles, Wayne Newton to Elvis, Joe Piscopo to Sinatra. It’s tough to fault them for not being as good as Uprima, after all it’s the number three product in the country right now and works incredibly well. Uprima is not as strong, but it is still a very well designed formula that performed well in lab tests. The ads say it works in 5-7 minutes – this may be a bit of a stretch for most men, but it certainly works in about 60 minutes. Triggers dopamine levels in the brain to help you get hard fast, also has a nice effect on your stamina. Plenty of guys report last longer with Uprima – always a good thing! Solid product that can give you good results. Uprima is available direct from the manufacturer:800-924-1781.

Aspire 36
Grade: B-

Aspire 36
- This was taken off the market a few years ago by the FDA because it was secretly laced with a Viagra analogue. A Viagra analogue is literally Viagra or Sildenafil, with a slight modification. Many times when supplement makers by raw ingredients from China, unbeknown to them, the Chinese manufacture slip some real Viagra into the formula. This make for some happy customers and some fast re-orders. But it’s illegal. That is why top companies have their products tested at labs before they sell them to make sure they are all natural. Well now Apsire36 Plus is back on the market – it’s drug free – we tested it – and it works good. Not as great as it did a few years ago but still a decent product. It is also a liquid cap like Vazopren, and is manufactured by the same company. The formulas are different, with Vazopren being the better product. This product is also advertised as a free offer as part of a monthly shipment program. Good stuff. You can order at www.aspire36plus.com or by calling them at 1-877-216-9766.


Grade: C+

ENERX – This product heavily promoted on a half hour television infomercial with the female companion product Passion RX. First the company sold a product named Virile X, and then mysteriously changed the name to EnerX. Sales people try and sell the callers $400 dollars worth of the stuff when they call in. While the formula does have some innovative ingredients in it, it is still missing some key elements to make it one of the best. GRADE C +

Grade: C

What is Vitrix?
Vitrix is a male performance aid that claims to elevate testosterone, the male hormone responsible for promoting mass muscle gain, hardness and libido.  Unlike other bodybuilding supplements, Vitrix doesn't need to be cycled in order to maintain its effectiveness.  They credit this natural enhancement to tribulus terrestris, an all-natural plant extract rich in saponin and protodioscin.

Ingredients: Vitrix contains German tribulus terrestris and a liquid proprietary phyto-nutrient blend of vitex agnus castus, avena sativa, eqidmedium and eurycomo longfolia jack.

Does it Work?: It's unclear.  Tribulus terrestris hasn't been proven to facilitate muscle or testosterone growth--many studies returned varying, unstable results.  Numerous studies also failed to raise testosterone levels in men.  The verdict right now is that tribuls terrestris is not an effective supplement for increasing testosterone levels.

But tribulus terrestris isn't completely ineffective.  One study, conducted by National University Hospital, suggests it contains aphrodisiac properties--including an increase in ejaculation, sexual desire and libido.  Although researchers observed these results in animals, not humans, it strongly suggests it may be a viable sex aid for several sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction.  

Is it Safe?: Almost--except for one major problem.  Tribulus terrestris can cause a condition called gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement.  This condition is not reversible.  Drugs and surgery can correct some of the breast growth, but it isn't guaranteed.

Grade: C.  Just because it's all-natural doesn't always mean it's safe or effective--Vitrix being a perfect example of this.  Tribulus terrestris can also increase male breast growth, which can be emotionally difficult to deal with.  There is definitely some evidence it can improve the libido, but this only targets one part of sexual dysfunction—erectile function and sexual desire are more important factors.

Grade: C

– You probably have seen this advertised in the sports section of your local paper or in USA Today’s sport section. Their ads always feature a hot girl and an offer to try the pills free. This is one of those companies that gives you a free trial and then sends you a shipment automatically every month unless you cancel. Some guys hate the auto-shipment program, while other guys love it. Nothing wrong with it, in fact is saves you money and the hassle of calling all the time. But just know that’s the “catch” behind the free bottle offer. But enough about the billing – how about the pill? It works, no question. They couldn’t give it away free if it wasn’t good or else no one would ever buy it again. Imagine owning a pizza shop and you give away free slices to promote your store and the pizza stinks. No one would re-buy and you’d be out of business right? Of course. So these pills work. They are not as strong as our Top 5 but they are pretty darn good. They come in a liquid cap to increase the extraction process and allow more active ingredients. Sounds like a gimmick, but its actually excellence science. It does make a difference. Compared to the same formula in a dry power the difference is night and day. Good product that can make a lot of men happy campers! You can get it online at www.vazopren.com or by calling them at 1-877-216-9765.


Grade: C

EXTENDOR This pill put out by the Beckman Group of Gary, Indiana guarantees gains of up to 3 inches in 30 days.  They even have a testimonial from a man who claims Extendor made his penis harder and longer than it’s ever been. The gentleman, Eric Mann, has appeared in numerous ads endorsing just about every pill this company produces. No pill, absolutely no pill adds 3 inches to your penis in only 30 days, despite what these guys claim. It’s an advertising gimmick, as is their $29.95 price. There is no Doctor Beckman as many have wondered. The formula is very simple. It consists of Yohimbe, Maca, L-Arginine and Zinc. The L-Arginine at 250mg is decent as are the levels of Maca and Yohimbe. The Zinc is a nice touch. It is well documented that the male sex organs use more zinc than any other part of the body.  Dr. U. Mehta reported in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology that clinical tests showed that testicles and penises of animals shrank when they were fed diets devoid of zinc. The 50mg of zinc is a plus, but Extendor will most likely only produce very minor results only after a long period of continuous use. Surveys received on Extendor have been largely negative. 

If you spend 30 dollars for a bottle of this expecting to be 3 inches longer in only 30 days, you will be very disappointed. No legitimate supplement company would make such a claim. Beware of any company that promises to ad 3, 4 or 5 inches to your penis in 30 days. It is a lie! It is absolutely impossible biologically. GRADE C

Grade: C

What is Vialipro?
Vialipro is a fast-acting male enhancement supplement that claims to improve erectile rigidity, orgasm control and sexual stamina right before intercourse, improving the quality of your sex life.  Vialipro isn't intended for daily use--instead, they recommend using it 30 minutes before intercourse to temporarily heighten your arousal.  According to a study reported on their website, it's extremely effective--over 80 percent of men reported having firmer, longer-lasting erections after taking the supplement.

Ingredients: Vialipro contains l-arginine, safed musli extract, shilajit, velvet deer, ashwagandha root, smilax extract, maca extract, saffron and catauba extract.

Does it Work?: Studies suggests it's not.  Velvet deer has been indicated as a treatment for impotence in traditional Chiense medicine, but clinical studies show it doesn't have any efficacy against any sexual disorders.  Drugs.com says there is little evidence of its efficacy against any health problem, aside from arthritis (it may contain a compound that treat arthritis pain).

L-arginine was shown to reduce symptoms of ED in one study, but further studies haven't replicated these benefits.  According to Cathy Wong, About.com's Alternative Medicine guide, some health practitioners claim it treats ED because it increases nitric oxide, which also occurs in sildenafil (Viagra).  But with few studies proving its efficacy, it's not clear if it can improve any ED symptoms.

To make matters worse, ashwaganda root, smilax and maca extract have not been shown to improve sexual function.  No studies have indicated it as effective treatments for ED, premature ejaculation or other types of sexual dysfunction.

There is also some evidence the study reported on their website may be biased, and could have been used to mislead customers.

Is it Safe?: No.  L-arginine may cause indigestion, headache, nausea, an increase in stomach acid and changes in potassium levels.  Men with diabetes, digestive problems, heartburn or kidney disease need medical approval before using supplements containing l-arginine.  It can also make the symptoms of genital herpes worse.

Grade: C.  Overwhelming evidence shows Vialipro contains ineffective, and potentially dangerous, ingredients, which don't improve erectile or sexual function in any way.  Although l-arginine has been indicated as a possible treatment for ED, it also causes several significant side effects, which can be dangerous for men with diabetes, kidney disease, digestive problems or genital herpes.

P Boost
Grade: C

What is P Boost?
P Boost is a fast-acting male enhancement supplement that claims to make erections harder, firmer, and easier to maintain, reducing the complications of erectile dysfunction (ED), a common sexual disorder.  Unlike other ED treatments, P Boost is completely all-natural, and only utilizes herbs, vitamins and extracts to promote erectile health.  But research complied on its ingredients tells a different story about this supposed "immediate-acting male enhancement" supplement.

Ingredients: P Boost contains ginseng, wolfberry fruit, glangal fruit, epimedium sagittatum, rehmannia root, cassia bark, yam, and vitamins B1, B12 and E.

Does it Work?: It might--but it's probably not very effective.  The only ingredient that was proven to improve erectile strength is ginseng--some studies suggest it strengthens the penile tissue, enabling harder, thicker erections.  It's important to note these effects were only observed in animals, not humans, and its efficacy may not be the same for humans.  Other evidence suggests it improves the libido, although researchers believe this is a placebo effect.

Wolfberry fruit, better known as the goji berry, has been rumored to promote erectile strength, but studies are lacking on its efficacy.  The same applies to rehmannia root, a common ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine.  Overall, P Boost contains only one ingredient shown to improve erectile strength, and even its effects on humans is questionable--its sexual benefits were only observed in animals, not humans.

Is it Safe?: No.  Ginseng can cause insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, an increased risk for bleeding and headaches.  Wolfberry is also a potentially toxic fruit, and can increase bleeding in some people.

Grade: C.  P Boost may claim to promote harder erections, but there is little evidence that supports this.  Ginseng may increase the frequency of erections, but the rest of its ingredients do not, which may limit its efficacy against ED.  P Boost may not be able to promote harder erections--all-natural isn't an indicator of efficacy in this case.

Libido Fuel
Grade: C

Libido Fuel
– One of the original sexual supplements from the 1990’s, this product is still the favorite of many men. Put out by Supplement Titan’s Twin Labs, (they have been featured in a front page story in the Wall Street Journal) this product make good use of a high-grade yohimbe extract. Many of the marketing weasels in the sexual supplement business try and warn men that yohimbe is no good for you because the FDA has warned people about it. Well it’s BULL! Yohimbe is one of the most wildly researched and clinically proven sexual supplements of all time. There were studies done at Stanford University in the 1980’s on yohimbe and it’s sexual benefits. Yohimbe is the number one prescribed natural sexual compound in Europe. Doctors prescribe it to men with E.D. The FDA is overly cautsious here. Good product that give you a nice pop of yohimbe. Lab tests showed high marks for yohimbe, and yohimbe alkaloids. Can get the job done. Sold in health food stores nationwide.

Grade: C

- This is your classic run-of-the-mill imitation product. Look at the bottle it comes in. They want you to think it is somehow a pharmaceutical medication, requiring a prescription. The formula is the most common formula on the market, headlined by the over-rated and unproven compound Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, which has one limited, non-peer reviewed study out of Australia to support the sexual claims attributed to it. Very average results. GRADE C

Vitality MD
Grade: C

- A product that has many similarities to Procylon, Maximus, and Levitrol. Like these three, this product is also promoted in the sports sections of newspapers nationwide and promises increased sexual energy, desire, and so forth. The orders are all handled over the phone by a call center in Maine, and the product is not sold in stores. The product claims to be revolutionary; however, there is nothing special about it. If you look at the ads for Progenesis from 1999 and compare them to the ads for Vitality MD, you will see that the two are virtually identical. Progenesis blares the headline "Men is Your Male Drive Fading?" The Vitality MD ad uses the headline "Men is Your Sex Drive Fading?" The formula is nothing special and most men I have talked to who have used this product were extremely disappointed. All the emphasis here is on marketing and not on research or innovative breakthrough formulas. GRADE C

Grade: C

– This is a well-made product that features a combination of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and natural hormones. Made by Universal Products who recommended that Vahard be taken in a cycle that consists of three capsules a day for 20 days, one week off and then resume the same cycle again until results are achieved. May take several cycles for results to been noticed. The main reason it takes so long is that the level of L-Arginine is only 127mg per three capsules or approximately 45mg per capsule. This low level of L-Arginine results in slower results. The most dominant ingredient is Tribulus (667 mg per three capsules), which is effective in freeing up testosterone. Muira Puama is also a nice complementary herb. Well-made product. GRADE C

Grade: C

ROPEX - This simple formula of flower pollen is trying to capitalize on the heavy marketing done for the product Ogoplex which talks about the alleged "Swedish Ropes" tall-tale that claims to provide a man with multiple orgasms. My European contacts have found zero evidence of any such "Ropes" legend in Sweden. It appears to be as real as Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster. At the end of the day this is really a knock-off of something that is not too special to begin with. However, these guys did put 930mg of flower pollen in each serving while Ogoplex has only 400mg per serving. GRADE C


V 4-Men
Grade: C

V 4-MEN –This 14 ingredient formula from Georgia based Vitalabs has strong components along with a few that offset some of the benefits they provide.  Unfortunately it contains the hormone Androstenedione which was once thought to provide a boost in testosterone. But recent studies at Harvard commissioned by Major League Baseball have shown that this substance can actually increase estrogen in men. Estrogen is a female hormone and when men are exposed to high levels of estrogen they can develop fleshy breast tissue. Needless to say this androstenedione is not recommended. The product does contain 250mg of Yohimbe in extract form along with Tribulus Terrestris which have both been shown to make erections harder and last longer. Also present is the vasodilator L-Arginine at the very low level of 100mg per serving. L-Arginine is an excellent ingredient but at a dosage too low to provide any significant short term benefit for men taking this supplement. Survey responses have been a mixed bag with some men reporting an improvement in sexual performance and pleasure with some saying the tablets did nothing for them. None of the surveys have noted any increase in erection size at all. It has very little effect on erection size which is not too surprising given the formula. The company advertising slogan states “formulated for men to help them put the “howl” back into your sex drive.” Can it increase sex drive, - yes. Can it increase erection size, - no. This is just an average product. GRADE C

Avocet XL
Grade: C

AVOCET XL From the direct marketing wizards who call themselves Dixon Baird Urological Healthcare Sciences comes this bottle of smoke and mirrors. If you bought this, don't feel bad, the brochure was so slick and convincing that many people I know in the industry thought this was the Second Coming. It isn't. Very little scientific data behind the ingredients in the formula, which include cnidium monnieri and xanthoparmelia scabrosa. You can notice minor benefits to your stamina and performance, but nothing too special. GRADE C

Grade: C

- Another product that comes in a prescription-pill bottle to make it look more like a prescription than a natural supplement. The same company, Dixie Health, also puts out Rx Erect, which also utilizes an amber colored prescription-type bottle. Formula is pretty decent and delivered in capsule form, which is better than a tablet. This one is better than Rx Erect. GRADE C



Hot Plants
Grade: C

- This is an extremely well-made formula from one of my favorite supplement companies - Enzymatic Therapy of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I take their product Cell Forte (IP-6 and inositol) every day to enhance and improve my immune system. The product was formulated by Chris Kilham, a real researcher, who teaches Ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and who has trekked around the world searching out and testing numerous compounds reported to work for better sex. Intrestingly enough, Chris, is known as the "Medicine Hunter" because he has traveled the world from the rain forests of Malaysia to the mountains of Siberia seeking and testing sex-enhancing compounds. His travels and research are chronicled his book, Hot Plants: Nature's Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it. This six-compound formula is made up of Macapure, Togkat Ali LJ100, Rhodiola, Yohimbe, HGW, and Panax ginseng all in the form of high-grade extracts. My favorite is the 100:1 Tongkat Ali extract called LJ100. I like this product and many other men will too I am sure. An extremely well-made product created by a top formulator- it makes my Top 15 List. GRADE C

Grade: C

– This name comes awful close to sounding like the generic ingredient in Viagra – Sildenafil. Advertised in the back of magazines like Popular Science, Guns and Ammo and other men’s magazines, is this average product. Does it work? Seems like it’s a flip of a coin. 50% of men say it does something for them, while 50% say they did not notice a thing. But the 50% who like it – really liked it. You can find it at many retail stores. Moderately priced.


Grade: C

AVELA - Avela is a natural male enhancement supplement that claims to improve sexual performance with its synergistic, proprietary blend of herbs and extracts, including eurycoma longifolia, ginkgo biloba and maca root extract.  Some of its reported effects include longer, easier-to-maintain erections, improved sexual desire, and stronger, more intense orgasms.  Although Avela specifically states it should not be used to treat any sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction (ED), it does claim to boost the body's "sexual fitness" right before intercourse, acting similarly to most ED treatments.  They recommend taking up to 2 capsules an hour before intercourse to allow it to work efficiently.

Ingredients: Avela contains l-arginine, eurycoma longifolia, cniddium monnier 50% extract, xanthoparmelia scabrosa extract, GABA, epimedium sagittatum, butea superba extract, avena sativa extract, mucuna pruriens extract, ginkgo biloba, maca root extract, tribulus terrestris extract, muira puama extract and bioperine.

Does it Work?: It might.  According to a study reported in the 2003 issue of Phytomedicine, male rats who were fed eurycoma longifolia displayed an increase in testosterone and sperm count, suggesting it may improve the body's reproductive processes.  Another study, which was conducted by the same researchers, also revealed it may strengthen the vessels that facilitate erection strength.  Cathy Wong, an alternative medicine expert for About.com, also identifies l-arginine and ginkgo biloba as natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.  She claims both ingredients facilitate blood flow to the penis, making it easier for men to get--and maintain--an erection.

None of these ingredients have been proven effective by national studies, however.  Most of its reported effects occurred in small, animal or human-controlled studies, and have only been replicated in a few follow up studies.  There isn't enough evidence that confirms it absolutely can improve problems associated with erectile dysfunction--it only suggests they may be viable treatments.

Is it Safe?: No.  Ginkgo biloba can cause gastrointestinal (GI) irritation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, heart palpitations and an increased risk for bleeding.  People taking antidepressants or anticoagulants should speak with their physician prior to using Avela.  Xanthoparmelia scabrosa is also a known toxic herb--regular use is not recommended.

Grade: C.  Not enough studies prove Avela's ingredients have the efficacy to improve the ability to maintain erections.  Although some studies suggest it may improve erection strength, they haven't demonstrated these abilities in numerous studies.  The risk of unwanted side effects is also a huge disadvantage, especially if you have a history of bleeding or gastrointestinal disorders.

Grade: C

COLOSSAL – A decent product that is relying on flashy advertising and marketing gimmicks to over-hype the product produced by this Scottsdale, Arizona based company.  In fact, one thing that is very disturbing in their ads is an endorsement from a Dr. G Johnson MD. Why isn’t the doctor’s name given? Why isn’t his area of specialty (i.e. urology) cited?  This endorsement with a doctor not fully identified seems odd. Many surveys commented on how peculiar this seemed. Putting this issue aside let’s look at the formula itself. Delivered in a capsule form, it is a nice mixture of herbs and ingredients that can help you improve your erection size, energy and vitality.  It’s a 1398mg per two capsules serving of 21 ingredients including Long Jack, L-Arginine and Maca Extract. Long Jack has been a compound that has really gained favor in the last few years due to some new findings. It has been shown to dramatically improve sexual performance and stamina.

A study conducted at the School of Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Malaysia showed that longifolia jack “produces a dose-dependent increase in sexual performance” on the treated subjects. Dr. H.H. Ang stated that, “the study provides evidence that longifolia jack is a potent stimulator of sexual arousal.“

The company claims an average increase in erection size of 25%. Surveys we have received have indicated that increases were not quite at the 25% level, but improvements were noted. Colossal is a sound formula that can produce results better than average. GRADE C+

What is Colossal?
Colossal is a male enhancement supplement that helps improve a man's sex drive through its 19-ingredient complex, which includes ginseng, maca root and ginkgo biloba. It also claims to make erections—and orgasms—harder and longer-lasting, reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED). "Many of the men using Colossal...report increases in size of up to 28%," says Colossal's representatives. Taken twice daily, results typically appear within a couple of weeks.

Ingredients: Colossal contains tribulus terresteris, yohimbe extract, niacin, epimedium sagitatum, avena sativa, maca root, potency wood, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, oat straw, ginseng, catuaba, nettle leaf, orchic substance, oyster shell, cayenne and pumpkin seed.

Does it Work?: Yes, but not very effectively. Tribulus terresteris, a flower extract, failed to affect libido levels in males in numerous studies, including one study reported in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. All of its "reported" effects come from claims made by Jeffrey Petermann, a "strongman" who claimed it boosted libido levels in the 1970's. The real truth: there are no studies that show it contains any sexual benefits—this is all just hype.

But several studies show maca root may improve libido and increase sperm volume, including one study reported in the Asian Journal of Andrology. According to the study, men who took maca root for more than eight weeks noticed a significant improvement in semen quality and volume, although it isn't clear why. Ginkgo biloba may also help improve blood circulation, although evidence does support the notion that it improves erection strength.

Is it Safe?: Not entirely. Maca root consumption can increase a person's risk for goiters, especially if combined with a low iodine diet. Although rare, tribulus terresteris may also cause gynecomastia, or an abnormal growth of breast tissue in males.

Grade: C. Colossal contains a couple of ingredients that may improve semen volume and erection strength, with limited evidence showing gingko biloba may improve the strength of erections. There simply isn't enough evidence proving it effectively eliminates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), however. We recommend using more effective male enhancement supplements instead, such as Actra-RX or Zyrexin.

Grade: C

Endowmax - Endowmax is a male enhancement pill that claims to enhance penis size, with the added benefits of increased sexual stamina and ejaculation volume.  According to their website, most men see an increase of 1 to 3 inches within several weeks of use, or a 28 percent increase.  It supposedly causes this by stimulating blood flow to the penis, gradually increasing its length, girth and strength.

Ingredients: Endowmax contains epimedium grandiflorum (horny goat weed), maca root, damiana, l-arginine, tribulus terrestris, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), jujube dates extract, muira puama, catuaba bark, xanthoparmelia scabrosa, cnidium monnieri and eurycoma longifolia.

Does it Work?: Some evidence suggest it might.  Several studies, including a recent study reported in the Journal of Urology, report horny goat weed helps increase penile blood pressure, improving erection strength and durability.  According to a 2006 study, rats who received horny goat weed injections demonstrated an increase in blood pressure to the penile tissues, which improved the frequency of erections.  Although this hasn't been shown to increase penis length, some health websites are recommending this as a natural alternative to sildenafil, better known as Viagra.

Maca root, jujube dates and catuaba bark have not been proven to increase penis length or strength, however.  Although all three ingredients have been used in traditional medicine as sexual enhancers, numerous studies have proven they are ineffective.  To make matters worse, maca root contains glucosinolates, which increases a person's risk for goiters.

Is it Safe?: No.  Maca root can cause goiters, a condition that causes swelling in the thyroid gland or voice box.  Damiana also contains psychoactive effects and can interfere with the absorption of diabetes medications, such as Orinase and Avandia.  It can also make it harder to control blood glucose.

Grade: C.  Only one of Endowmax's ingredients has been proven to improve the frequency of erections--and that's horny goat weed.  With the increased risk for goiters and uncontrollable blood glucose levels, this probably isn't the ideal supplement for diabetics or people with thyroid

Grade: C

What is Elexia?
Brought to you by the same company behind InVigra, Elexia is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that claims to improve sexual stamina, performance and desire naturally, without the use of harsh stimulants, drugs or chemically-based ingredients. Taken daily, it supposedly preps the reproductive system to produce harder, easy-to-maintain erections, eliminating erectile dysfunction (ED). Some compare it to Enzyte, another popular male enhancement supplement.

Ingredients: Elexia contains yohimbe bark, tribulus terrestris fruit, St. John's wort, horny goat weed, l-arginine, Siberian ginseng, oat straw extract, sodium bicarbonate and niacin.

Does it Work?: It's not likely. Sure, it contains all the markers of a quality supplement—yohimbe bark and l-arginine are its key ingredients—but the issue here is the quality of its ingredients. Yohimbe bark, for example, contains less yohimbine (its "active" ingredient) compared to an yohimbe extract, meaning its effects on erectile dysfunction (ED) are minimal, if at all effective.

Although it contains other sex-boosting ingredients, such as l-arginine and ginseng, it's either a low grade form or spread out thinly throughout its proprietary blend, minimizing its effects on ED. Elexia could be effective, but only if it contained higher grade ingredients.

Is it Safe?: Mostly. Yohimbe use is linked to an increased risk of hallucinations and panic attacks, and should not be used by men with a history of panic attacks, schizophrenia or depression. According to Elexia, it also increases your skin's sensitivity to UV rays.

Grade: C. Elexia isn't a bad product—it does contain effective ingredients such as yohimbe bark and l-arginine—but there's simply not enough in their formula. If you have a panic or mental disorder, you shouldn't take Elexia either because of an increased risk of hallucinogenic side effects. Overall, Elexia is pretty average compared to other male enhancement supplements, earning it a C.


Grade: C-

CLIMAX – Touted to intensify male AND female orgasms, the formula is actually more suited to women. Will do very little to improve a male orgasm. Many respondents felt this product, which is $29.00 for 15 pills, was a complete waste of money and one of the more disappointing products widely available. GRADE C -


Grade: C-

- The manufactures behind this is Sterling-Grant, a solid company with a good reputation. This product is not one of their best however. Trying to capitalize on the success of the 100 millions tablets sold by Stamina Rx, this is an obvious attempt to try and steal their thunder. While it does have a nice mix of ingredients, it’s lab report was only average. This explains why the results are, basically average. Some older men seem to like the fact that it is very subtle formula that works over time, meaning weeks. With all of the new advancements in super critical extraction processes, with extracts being stronger, this formula needs to be updated to get into the Top 20.

Horny Goat Weed
Grade: C-

– The ads say “When in need Try this Weed”. In need of what is a mystery. If you are dating a goat this might help you get lucky, but other than that it doesn’t seem to offer much else. As one fellow wrote, when his date saw that he kept a bottle of Horny Goat Weed in his bathroom, she burst out laughing and walked out on him. The formula is based upon 15th century folklore about an herb that was alleged to make men more virile. Also contains L-Dopamine which is most noted for appetite suppression, like amphetamines. Contains polypodium vulgare, which is another sort of ecdysterone. Data on ecdysterone specifically state that this compound has no effect whatsoever on male hormone levels at all. Pretty slim basis for increased sexual prowess. GRADE C-

Grade: C-

– A vitamin and herbal mixture that provides minimum stimulation. One of the many products aimed, not at erectile difficulties, but at increasing pleasure and sensations to the genitals during sex. Decent base of ingredients but missing some key elements to deliver truly pleasure able results. GRADE C-


Andro Enlarge
Grade: C-

ANDRO ENLARGE - This below par product is typical of many of the male enhancement pills that have been recently flooding the marketplace - it makes ridiculous claims, while offering a sub par formula not adequate to meet its brazen claims. The Lansing, Michigan based company who created and developed Andro Enlarge state in their advertisements “scientific research has discovered a new herbal formula that generates significant increase in penis length.” They claim you’ll increase the width of your penis 50%. How they hope to achieve such results with this five ingredient formula is a total mystery!

One of the key components of the formula is the hormone androstenedione. “Andro” as it is known became the hottest supplement in the country a few years ago thanks to baseball slugger Mark McGwire’s use of it. Lansing Labs claims “andro” produces testosterone and increases sex hormone production. This is simply not true. Two separate double blind placebo studies at Harvard Medical School commissioned by Major League Baseball (a result of the Mark McGwire controversy) convincingly revealed that “andro” actually increases estrogen – the female hormone in men!  This can lead to men developing enlarged and fleshy breast tissue, or as Men’s Health Magazine called them in their article on the study “Man Boobs.” Clearly not the results you are looking for. However, at only 100mg per dosage the level of “andro” contained in Andro Enlarge doesn’t appear to spike estrogen amounts to a level to cause serious concern based on the latest clinical findings.

Testosterone increases can improve the male sex drive. Dr. Jan Davidson of the Stanford University Medical Center said of an increase in testosterone “We concluded that the stimulatory effects of testosterone on sexual activity are rapid, reliable and not due to a placebo effect.” However, the alleged surges in testosterone claimed by “andro” supplementation have been proven false in study after study.
Four additional components - tribulus terristris, mucana pruriens, Chinese wolfberry and horse chestnut complete this formula. These herbs do provide an overall health benefit and can help improve male sexual function somewhat modestly, which is a positive. At the end of the day this product will provide no significant increase in erection size based on all the pharmacological data, studies, research and real world feed back. Their ads exaggerate the benefits you can come to expect from the product.

What are Androenlarge Capsules?
Androenlarge Capsules are a male enhancement supplement that claims to stimulate the pituitary gland, causing the release of hormones responsible for enlarging the penis and testicles, essentially restarting puberty. According to their research, penis length is directly correlated with the release of hormones during puberty, which supposedly proves it is an effective male supplement for gaining inches quickly and permanently. So how many inches can you expect to gain? According to their official website, up to one to three inches. It's not clear how fast—or how safely—it can enhance penis size, however.

Ingredients: The Androenlarge Capsules contain Tribulus Terristris, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Mucana Pruriens, MACA (Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon) and Chinese Wolfberry.

Does it Work?: No. Not only are its ingredients pretty ineffective—they're literally as effective as placebos—it also contains a hidden hormone called androstenedione, the hormone that produces testosterone, a vital hormone released during puberty. Strangely enough, studies conducted on androstenedione show it doesn't effect the sexual processes in the testicles and has little effect on muscle-building (it's also a well known pseudo-steroid). But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers it an unsafe and potentially harmful drug—they banned it from commercial sale in 2004. Not only are the Androenlarge Capsules ineffective, they're also illegal to use.

Is it Safe?: No. Because it contains a steroid-like hormone, regular use may cause acne, testicular atrophy, penis shrinkage, breast enlargement, mood changes (better known as "roid rage") and liver abnormalities. It may also affect cholesterol levels, increasing your risk for atherosclerosis or heart disease.

Grade: C-. The Androenlarge Capsules aren't just unsafe, they're illegal—it's essentially a steroid disguised as a "penis enhancer". Steroids are more likely to shrink your genitals, not increase its size. The Androenlarge Capsules earn a F for its possible health risks and illegality.


VirMax DS
Grade: C-

VirMax DS – This product with virtually zero advertising has managed to make its way onto the shelves at such drug store super powers as Walgreen’s and CVS. It’s almost like a private label product. Has all the standard herbs thought to improve sexual health, but the level are low. Lab results were extremely poor. Not an expensive product, but if it doesn’t work, who cares?


Natural Sex
Grade: D

Natural Sex – This relic from the early 1990’s is still around. They were on the market 5 years before anyone ever even heard of Viagra. Back in the early 1990’s it was the only game in town and was very popular. Still sold by MLM companies, this formula is in desperate need of an update. So many advancements and discoveries have taken place, that now make this product obsolete. While marketers may says its sold millions of bottles, which it has, it sold them back when there was no competition. It can’t hold a candle to today’s cutting-edge products


Grade: D

What is Lexaryn?
Lexaryn is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that claims to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), a common male dysfunction disorder.  It even claims it is more effective than Cialis, an FDA-approved drug.  But Lexaryn claims you'll get more than a decrease in ED symptoms: it also says it can increase penis length permanently, make erections harder, and safely boost the sex drive.

Ingredients: Lexaryn contains yohimbe bark extract, epimedium, ashwagandha root, maca root, l-arginine, dimethylglycine (DMG), l-tyrosine, choline, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH), tribulus terrestris and bioperine.

Does it Work?: It may work.  Yohimbe bark has been shown to reverse symptoms of ED and other sexual dysfunctions, including orgasmic dysfunction and ejaculation dysfunction.  Several clinical trials suggest it may be a viable alternative treatment for ED, although many health organizations don't currently recommend it--regular use can cause serious side effects, such as panic attacks and hallucinations.

Epimedium, more commonly know as horny goat weed, may also decrease symptoms of ED.  According to a study reported in the Journal of Urology, rats who received epimedium injections displayed an increase in penile blood pressure, which improved their ability to have an erection.  Researchers believe icariin, epimedium's active ingredient, increases nitric oxide levels, which improves erectile function.

Not all of Lexaryn's ingredients are proven to work, however.  Ashwagandha root, maca root, choline and bioperine have not been shown to improve ED symptoms in any clinical trials.

Is it Safe?: No.  Yohimbe bark can cause panic attacks, hallucinations, dizziness or changes in blood pressure.  Physicians do not recommend taking any supplements containing yohimbe bark if you have a history of heart, blood, or psychiatric problems.

Grade: D.  Lexaryn is definitely effective, but it also contains numerous side effects, including an increase in anxiety-like symptoms, such as panic attacks.  If you have any pre-existing heart, blood or psychiatric problems, Lexaryn will aggravate these conditions.  Speak with your physician before using this supplement to avoid additional side effects or contraindications.

See the full review for this scam product here.

Grade: D

What is Viswiss?
Viswiss is a herbal dietary supplement that claims to cure erectile dysfunction--a common sexual disorder that typically affects men over 50.  Viswiss incorporates a blend of ingredients designed to mimic the effects of Viagra and Cialis, but without its undesirable side effects.  Regular use supposedly makes it easier to have an erection by increasing testosterone and blood flow, key areas that typically decrease due to increased sexual dysfunction.  They also promise it works within 10 minutes to facilitate the erection process, making it one of the fastest working ED treatments on the market.

Ingredients: Viswiss contains yohimbe bark extract, epimedium, ashwagandha root, avena sativa, ginkgo biloba, Korean ginseng, maca, muira puama, saw palmetto, tribulus terrestris and l-arginine.

Does it Work?: It might.  Both yohimbine and l-arginine have been identified as potential treatments for ED in the medical community, due to overwhelming evidence showing it improves penile function.  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) gave

yohimbine a C for effectiveness, claiming it was shown to reduce symptoms of ED in numerous human trials.  Other studies suggest it also increases semen volume and may treat orgasmic dysfunction, or an inability to achieve an orgasm within a reasonable amount of time.

L-arginine has also been shown to reduce ED by increase nitric oxide production, one of the main components of achieving an erection.  There is also evidence l-arginine allows the body to release more hormones, which can heighten arousal and the sex drive.  Together, yohimbe bark and l-arginine may contain the right components to effectively treat ED.

But there is one problem with Viswiss, and it's a big one--both yohimbe and l-arginine are potentially dangerous.  There are numerous side effects associated with both ingredients, and may not be safe for a number of individuals.  Many physicians are hesitant to recommend it because of the increased risk for these side effects.

Is it Safe?: No.  Yohimbe bark can cause serious anxiety reactions, especially for men with pre-existing anxiety disorders.  Yohimbe also increases a man's risk for high blood pressure, increased heart rate, insomnia, panic attacks, hallucinations and dizziness.  Some physicians also report an increase in seizures and kidney failure.  

With L-arginine, some common symptoms include lung inflammation, which can worsen asthma symptoms.  There is also evidence it can disrupt blood pressure readings, and may worsen symptoms of genital herpes.  Both ingredients carry serious blood, heart and psychiatric risks, and should not be used by men with a psychiatric disorder, heart problems, blood pressure disorders, genital herpes or breathing difficulties.

Grade: D.  Although Viswiss may be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, it contains numerous side effects--some of which can be potentially life threatening.  Buy wisely: speak with your doctor before taking this supplement to avoid serious complications.

See the full review of this scam product here.


Max Arouse
Grade: D

MAX AROUSE – On the bottle it reads “MaxArouse is an all natural blend created to enhance endurance, increase the body’s natural testosterone levels, and acts as a neuro-stimulator to increase sensitivity.” Sounds great, but it’s not the case. The main ingredient
in the tablet is Siberian Ginseng. This will give you a little energy but nothing a cup of coffee or can of Coca Cola can’t do. No positive survey sheets have ever been received on this lousy product. GRADE D

All Night Lover
Grade: D
What is All Night Lover?

All Night Lover, also known as "Erotic Herbal", is a natural male enhancement supplement that touts itself as a cure-all for all erectile and impotence problems, including erectile dysfunction (ED). How does it work? By naturally increasing libido, stamina, pleasure and potency with its proprietary blend of herbs and vitamins, including ginseng and yohimbe bark.

It also claims to be better than prescription supplements, such as Viagra or Cialis.

"Erotic Herbal is a safe alternative to prescription treatments that often cause harmful side effects," says All Night Lover's report on EroticHerbal.com. "Don't waste your time with expensive prescription products with artificial and potentially harmful ingredients." And it's true—all of its ingredients are all-natural, not synthetic.

Ingredients: All Night Lover contains tribulus terrestris, vitamin B6, vitamin E, avena sativa, ginseng, yohimbe bark, muira puama, damiana leaf, wood betony, ashwagandha root, androstenedione, zinc and saw palmetto.

Does it Work?: No—and it's actually illegal too. All Night Lover contains a pseudo-steroid called androstenedione, which was banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2004. This pseudo-steroid does raise the testosterone, which may increase the libido, but also causes a very unpleasant side effect called testicular atrophy, or testicle shrinkage.

Nearly all of its ingredients are popular Indian or Chinese herbs, proven ineffective by numerous studies, including a report filed by Drugs.com in 2009. Many of these ingredients are also associated with an increased risk for heart problems, making it potentially unsafe for people with a pre-existing heart condition, such as heart disease.

Is it Safe?: No. Many of its ingredients, including yohimbe bark and ashwagandha root, can make heart problems worse, raising blood pressure and the heart's basal heart rate. This can increase a person's risk for heart disease, high blood pressure or a heart attack. Androstenedione can cause severe, steroid-related side effects, including testicular atrophy, severe mood swings, liver damage and decreased sperm production, which may lead to sterility.

Grade: D. Erotic Herbal isn't safe—or legal—to take, with very few sexual benefits found in any of its ingredients. If you're looking for an effective male enhancement supplement, there are plenty of ways to obtain it legally without risking your sexual health.


Grade: D

What is Orviax?
Orviax is a natural male enhancement supplement that claims to promote longer, harder erections, boost the libido and increase stamina, reducing sexual dysfunction.  It supposedly works within 20 to 30 minutes to prepare the body for intercourse, working even faster than Cialis, an FDA-approved sexual dysfunction drug.  Orviax credits its success to its proprietary blend of 11 herbal ingredients, including damiana, epimedium and gingko biloba, which they claim are completely free of any side effects.

Ingredients: Orviax contains damiana, horny goat weed, ashwagandha root, avena sativa, ginkgo biloba, Korean ginseng, maca root, muira puama, saw palmetto, tribulus terrestris and l-arginine.

Does it Work?: It might.  Orviax contains horny goat weed, an herb shown to contain pro-erectile properties in several studies.  It was shown to reduce sexual dysfunction by stimulating the penile tissues during sexual stimulation, resulting in harder, longer lasting erections.  Some researchers even believe it's as effective as sildenafil, better known by its trade name Viagra.

Ginseng also reportedly increases sexual stamina and libido because of its effect on these same tissues.  Ginsenoside, a chemical found in Ginseng, improves erection strength by stimulating the erectile tissues, making it easier to maintain an erection.  It is considered a somewhat effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED).

But many of Orviax's ingredients are also proven not to work, including maca root, muira puama and avena sativa.  Although it was used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine to treat various sexual dysfunctions, it's been proven ineffective by various national studies.  Some of these ingredients are also unsafe to take.

Is it Safe?: No.  Ginseng can cause nausea, diarrhea, headaches, nosebleeds, sudden changes in blood pressure and breast pain.  Men on antidepressants should take extreme caution--ginseng can also cause mania if used with certain antidepressants.  Ginkgo biloba also worsens bleeding, and should not be taken by people on anticoagulants.

Grade: D.  Orviax claims to make you bigger and thicker down there, but the evidence doesn't add up--in fact, only a few of its ingredients promote sexual stamina.  Orviax comes up short when it comes to efficacy, but goes long when it comes to side effects, something this supplement isn't short of.

Grade: D

EMBRACE – Another single ingredient product from the Tantric Corporation. This time the ingredient is Wild Lettuce also known as Lactuca virosa. No there isn’t a Caesar Salad inside, just five essentially worthless pills. Only nice thing that can be said about this product is that the artwork on the cover is very attractive. Most survey responses we have received on Embrace have been less than complimentary to say the least.

Grade: D

What is Orexis?
Orexis is a non-prescription male enhancement supplement that works by boosting the libido shortly before intercourse to prevent erectile dysfunction (ED), or an inability to maintain an erection.  Like other supplements, Orexis provides erectile support by increasing blood flow to the penis, which helps it stay fuller and more rigid when stimulated.  This also causes an indirect benefit--increased stamina during sexual intercourse.  To enable it to work, Orexis recommend using their supplement 45 minutes before beginning sexual stimulation to promote penis rigidity and fullness.

Ingredients: Orexis contains a proprietary blend of horny goat weed, yohimbe extract, tribulus and other ingredients, which they aren't willing to reveal on their website.

Does it Work?: There is some evidence it may work.  According to a report in the Journal of Urology, horny goat weed was shown to induce erections in rats, improving their copulatory performance.  Other evidence also suggests it contains a compound chemically similar to sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.  Some researchers suggest it may be a viable alternative to Viagra, although it hasn't been approved for this use by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Yohimbe has also been shown to improve erectile function, although its reported effects are derived from anecdotal, not scientific, evidence.  There is scientific evidence that it helps improve the libido, especially when combined with ginseng or l-arginine.  But this comes at a huge risk--yohimbe is know to worsen anxiety conditions, and can trigger panic attacks and hallucinations.

Is it Safe?: No.  Yohimbe extract can worsen anxiety conditions, such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) or social anxiety disorder (SAD).  It can also cause hallucinations, panic attacks, flushing of the skin, dizziness, an increase in heart rate, high blood pressure and insomnia.  People with heart, blood or psychiatric problems should avoid taking supplements containing yohimbe extract.

Grade: D.  Orexis may reduce ED by improving erectile function, but this comes at an increased risk—some of its ingredients worsen anxiety and heart-related problems, such as rapid heart rate and panic attacks.  If you have a history of heart, blood or psychiatric disorders, this is not an ideal supplement for you.


Grade: D

DAMIANA – Touted as a male intimacy formula is this product from Naturalife. Proprietary blend of herbs contains Foti, Ginseng, Sarsa-parilla, Licorice, Saw Palmetto, and Guto Cola in addition to Damiana. This is a group of run-of the-mill herbs if ever there was one. Long-term use will still leave most men feeling short changed. Damiana, along with maca, are two of the most over-rated and over-hyped sexual compounds. They may have been all the rage 25 years ago, but the benefits are so miniscule, you will be very disappointed. Responses on this product can be summed up in one word - disappointing.

Maca Man
Grade: D

MACA MAN – Remember all the hype surrounding the release of the movie The Godfather III? Everyone loved Godfather I & Godfather II, and expectations for the third in the series were high. All the build-up, all the anticipation, and the end result was a bad movie. The same is true of maca-based products. Manufacturers are touting maca like it’s the Babe Ruth of herbs and yet it’s a bust. To a tee every survey sheet we have received about maca products have been negative.

Maca Magic
Grade: D

MACA MAGIC – Essentially pure Maca extract coupled with small amounts of Miura Puama, Catuaba and a few other herbs know to assist sexual performance. However Maca is the most over-hyped natural sexual herb other than Horny Goat Weed. You can look online and see all kinds of studies and antidotal stories praising the legendary benefits of Maca. Well these stories are incredibly exaggerated. I you look closely at the maca studies you’ll see they are very mis-leading. Small studies, no sophisticated testing, poor protocol, etc. Even at a super high extract maca doesn’t do much. At best, maca is a complimentary ingredient that can improve the effects of another ingredient if mixed in the proper ratios. But maca by itself is a dud.


Russian Stallion
Grade: D

RUSSIAN STALLION – Yo, Rocky, check it out. While Sylvester Stallone always delivered a knockout punch as the Italian Stallion, this liquid product couldn’t knock out a flea. Liquid letdown. GRADE D

Vital Erotic
Grade: D

Vital Erotic – Along with Horny Goat Weed and Stamina Rx, this product is one of the top three most widely distributed sexual supplements at convenience stores nationwide. Keep your money in your pocket on this one. Sell for under $2, but it doesn’t do much of anything. The lab report was not good, and therefore it’s impossible for it tow work well. Think of Papa John’s Pizza slogan – Better Ingredients, Better Pizza. Well here Poor Ingredients, Poor Product. Not very good.

Super Macho
Grade: D

SUPER MACHO – How is this for something sounding macho, the main ingredient
in this product is ground up bull testicles? Sounds like something Iron Mike Ditka must snack on. The bull testicles, better known as Bovine Orchic, has been reported to give men a jolt of testosterone, which theoretically can increase sexual performance. Orchic is best used as a complementary ingredient, as it is in some top products, but not as the star of the show. Best component of this product is that it does have 133% of the daily-recommended amount of vitamin E. However, there are better sources of vitamin E than Super Macho. GRADE D


Grade: D

– Attractively packaged (from the Tantric Corporation) with a canary-eyed black jaguar on the front, is this product that is pure Damiana. On the back Damiana is described as the ancient “Mexican Witching Herb”, which is its nickname. However, what they fail to mention is that Damiana earned is reputation as an aphrodisiac primarily for women! In women it does appear to provide sensual stimulation. Only real benefit to men is that it provides oxygen to the genitals, which is no big deal unless your genitals are out of breath! GRADE D


Grade: D

– Manufactured by the same Colorado-based company that developed Cobra. While we think this product is a little bit better than Cobra, it is not as widely available as Cobra. Cobra is in most retail stores nationwide, while Excalibur is actually very difficult to find. Not a product that works instantly, it needs to be taken for a month or so for you to see any real results. Developed in the 1990’s before Viagra hit the market. Good use of traditional herbs. Just takes times to work.


Power V
Grade: D

– This formula is a classic example of a top product being imitated and almost copied exactly. The power V formula is similar to Herbal V, the number one male performance product. The problem with knocking off popular supplement formulas, is you are often left with a product that is a much less potent version of the original. Think of it like this. Have you ever eaten a $2 steak? The price might be great, but if the steak tastes like your shoe, did you really get a good deal? Survey sheets received on Power V mostly expressed dissappoinment. Power V dosen’t offer to much to get excited about . GRADE D


Grade: D

COBRA – One of the original natural male performance products. It is a product that must be taken for months before any real difference can be experienced. It has a nice base of top quality herbs that are good for overall male health, but it’s a formula that is outdated. Much new advancement has taken place since this product was created years ago.The Formula includes 11 herbs including Kola Nut, Oat Straw, Nettles, Muira Pauma, and Damiana. It can give someone with a slight energy or circulation problem a boost, but don’t expect dramatic results with this product. Some have said it’s like a wooden golf club, they were once the best around, but those days are long gone. GRADE C

What is Cobra?
Cobra is a all-natural male enhancement supplement containing muira puama, better known as Brazilian "potency wood", which improves sexual performance. Other ingredients, such as ginseng, also supposedly improve energy and endurance during lovemaking, reducing common sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation. Positive reviews from Amazon.com and GNC have made it one of the most popular male enhancement supplements available today.

Ingredients: Cobra contains kola nut, yohimbe bark extract, oatstraw, nettles leaf extract, eleuthero, horny goat weed, catuaba, muira puama, Korean ginseng, damiana leaf and saw palmetto.

Does it Work?: Yes—and it's effective. PDRHealth.com, a leading resource for physicians in the United States, lists muira puama as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido, improving erection quality with regular use. It also contains anxiogenic properties, which increases energy levels quickly without causing any significant side effects.

Korean ginseng was also identified as an effective aid for ED in a study conducted by Sao Paulo University's Urological Division in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Taking Korean ginseng before intercourse improved erection quality, increasing the length of intercourse.

Don't leave out yohimbe bark extract either—it also contains an alkaloid called yohimbine, which helps reduce ED and a condition called orgasmic dysfunction, or an inability to orgasm while being sexually stimulated.

Is it Safe?: Not entirely. Yohimbe bark may cause high blood pressure, insomnia or skin flushing, making it potentially unsafe for people with heart or blood pressure conditions. It also increases a person's risk for panic attacks. There are few side effects associated with the rest of Cobra's ingredients.

Grade: D. Although it isn't as effective as Zyrexin, its ingredients are proven to attack ED at its core, making it easier to maintain an erection without additional physical stimulation. If you're looking for a great alternative to Zyrexin or Actra-RX, consider giving Cobra a try.


Viag Cycle
Grade: D

– One of many mediocre products intended to ride the wave of hype surrounding Viagra. Ingredients include Oat Straw, Ginseng; St. John’s Wort powder, and Yohimbe powder. Powders are poor quality, ratios of herbs are awkward, and the basic formula is poorly conceived. This product won’t do much for anyone. It is put out by an Arizona company calling itself Covert Labs. The only secret here is, what does this stuff do for you? Not very much. GRADE D

In Vigra
Grade: F

- Other than the complete counterfeits that we have found, this product comes the closest to pretending it is Viagra. The pill is blue just like Viagra. It has the letter V engraved in the pill. The name is one letter off from saying Viagra – just add an A. The logo and font on the box use lettering similar to Viagra. It’s incredible, and its also illegal! This product is clearly designed to try and pass itself off as Viagra, which is a prescription drug. No legitimate dietary supplement company would ever try and pass one of its products off as a real drug, or claim its product treats a disease as Viagra does. To top it all off the formula is weak. GRADE F

Super Nature V
Grade: F

– From Chinatown in San Francisco comes this blatant Herbal V wannabe. Another in a long line of Herbal V clones that copies everything from the design of the Herbal V bottle to the ingredients. While the bottle design is almost identical, the ingredient combination is very different. Super Nature Pharmaceutical is the name of the clowns behind this poor imitation. Testing of the tablets revealed what was suspected – the ingredients don’t match the label. Run for cover! GRADE F

Grade: F

– This product comes in a pyramid shaped box that looks very stylish. But that is the only nice thing that can be said about this truly sleazy product that is clearly designed to capitalize on the Viagra craze. However, the real purpose of this product seems to be to unload a product named Ritual Spirit. Inside the pyramid box that identifies the product as Viagro are two blister packs of ten pills each of a product named Ritual Spirit. Our researchers have discovered that Ritual Spirit was a product that was created several years ago by the same manufacturer. The product sold so poorly they could barely give it away, so now they are trying to dump it on the public under a different name. The boxes we purchased at local stores contained pills that were several years old! Another example of the kind of junk on the market masquerading as something designed to help, when in fact it can produce results in our opinion, that could be dangerous.

Natural V
Grade: F

– A joke of a product being sold by a small-time clothing manufacturer out of a storefront in Orange, California. Their store sells only Natural V, designer jean knock offs, and imitation BluBlocker sunglasses. Natural V, like the jeans and sunglasses is also a knockoff. They are clearly attempting to imitate Herbal V and it’s unique formula. Nothing positive about this product. It’s the golf equivalent of a quadruple bogey. GRADE F


Power Pills
Grade: F

– Adult film star and part time-house painter Peter North claims this is what he uses on the set to perform when the cameras are rolling. If this were true I would hate to see what he is like when he takes an effective pill! These pills are a joke. But what do you expect from a company that also makes inflatable dolls and leather harnesses? They don’t know anything about making pills. The formula and ingredients are such a joke they aren’t even worth mentioning. The comments we have received on this are comical. One man ended up giving them to his dog after weeks with no results. This is just a way for an adult film producer to make more money off the top star. GRADE F

Horny Toad
Grade: F

HORNY TOAD - This product has to be someone's idea of a joke. I can't think of any other explanation, or maybe it is supposed to be sold to frogs or something? The ingredients make no sense. Maybe buy it as a funny gift to give somebody, but if you are looking to improve your sexual performance and pleasure, I wouldn't head out to the ballgame with this equipment. This would be like showing up at the first tee at Pebble Beach with a bag full of plastic clubs. GRADE F

Grade: F

What is Actra-RX?
Actra-RX is a sex supplement recently banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because it secretly contained sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. Its website claims to treat erectile dysfunction naturally with Chinese herbs, extracts and stamina-inducing plant derivatives, improving sexual endurance and arousal. Its "results" supposedly appear in less than 30 minutes, lasting for up to 10 hours.

Ingredients: Actra-RX contains amino acids, Chinese herbs, Lycium fruit, Epimedium and cistanche.

Does it Work?: Yes—but only for men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil increases cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) levels in the corpus cavernosum, the spongy matter inside the penis that causes an erection. This reduces the time between physical arousal and erection fullness, allowing men to engage in sexual intercourse at a faster rate.

Sildenafil does not improve arousal time in men not diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, however. According to a 2003 study reported in the International Journal of Impotence Research, sildenafil did not improve sexual function in sexually healthy men, including the speed of enabling an erection, sexual performance or the length of the penis. It was only shown to reduce the refractory time after intercourse.

Is it Safe?: No. In 2004, the FDA discovered Actra-RX contained 55mg of sildenafil, the main ingredient in Viagra, a erectile dysfunction drug. They advise consumers to stop taking or purchasing Actra-RX because of an increased risk of serious side effects, including a sudden drop in blood pressure.

They also warn it may cause significant—and sometimes deadly—contraindications with other prescription drugs, such as nitrates. People with diabetes, problems with blood pressure, heart disease or high cholesterol are also advised to avoid taking Actra-RX or any drugs containing sildenafil.

Grade: F. Actra-RX contains a powerful but potentially dangerous drug called sildenafil, which can cause life-threatening reactions. Actra-RX does not disclose this and continues to deny it contains this drug, despite being pulled from store shelves in 2004 by the FDA. It's not really all-natural or safe to take—in fact, it could harm your health. Actra-RX earns an F for its potentially dangerous side effects.

Grade: F

Boom – This chocolate powered mix was yanked from the market by the FDA because it is secretly laced with Viagra. Of course it worked, but we could tell something wasn’t right because after you take it you got a “medicine feel” in your body. It didn’t feel natural and many men reported getting dizzy and getting spots in their vision. It is still out on the market in some stores despite the FDA ban, so buyer beware, it can be very dangerous because it is not known exactly how much Viagra is in each pouch.

Grade: F

Nasutra – Also pulled off the market in both Canada and the United States for being laced with a Viagra analogue. Classic example of a Chinese supplier sending over a cheap synthetic chemical rather than an herbal extract. Remember, chemicals are much cheaper to manufacture than natural herbs. Nasutra, is no longer being sold, however there have been reports of some stores still selling out their inventory. Of course it worked, but it is potentially deadly since the amount of chemicals and other ingredients in the product is unknown. If you are an older man and taking an MAO inhibitor, or if you are supposed to avoid PDE 5 inhibitors like Viagra and you take a couple of Nasutra thinking it’s all-natural, you could end up dead. There have been many reports from hospital emergency rooms across the country of men being rushed in with heart attaches and seizures from taking herbal sexual supplements that secretly contain a drug like Viagra, Cialias or Levitra. Some Nasutra is still out there so watch out if you are at risk.

Grade: F

EXTAGEN – A massive scam being run out of an office park in Phoenix. Phoenix was also the home of another massive male enhancement pill scam – Longitude. The guys at Longitude ended up being sentenced to prison for their scam. The weasels behind Extagen are probably looking over their shoulder, as their scam is just as outrageous. They operate the fraudulent website ultimate-penis-enlargement-guide.com. It is merely a front for Extagen. They rate products and of course Extagen – which performed horribly in lab tests is rated number one, and then number 2 rated product is their bullshit cream called Real QT. If you have ever tried this product you know it doesn’t do jack squat!!

Their rating site seems so professional – when in fact all it is a well orchestrated fraud. As we say here we hate scams and this is nothing but a scam. Check out their lab report – it’s a joke! Also they have some 3rd world doctor a fellow named Dmitry Platonov who supposedly conducted a “clinical trial” on Extagen – but of course that study is nowhere to be seen. At then end of the day all Extagen is just a marketing scam. Make sure you don’t get fooled by these flim flam artists!! GRADE F

Grade: F

EXTRA - This company must be out of their minds to be making the claims they are making! This is like Longitude Part II. Their full-page ad has claims of adding 3" in length, permanent results, and the product "no longer requires a prescription," and features a chart showing how large your penis will grow over a six-month period. It is a total scam. The formula consists of 14 ingredients, including 4 extracts and 4 powders. Complete and total lies have earned this pill a spot in my Scam section. GRADE F

Herbal Niagra
Grade: F

HERBAL NIAGRA – Low priced herbal formula claiming the same results as Viagra. It’s the brain child of a small time outfit operating out of a dingy garage office alongside a freeway onramp in Los Angeles. The stuff is dirt cheap, and the reason is that the ingredients in it do about as much for you as real dirt. If the pharmacy or health food store you are buying supplements at sells this bottle of junk, chances are the other stuff they have on their shelves are low quality as well. Waste of $$$.

Horny Goat Weed Formula

HORNY GOAT WEED FORMULA – Few things in life are sadder than an imitation of something that is a joke to begin with. Toss in a fake doctor and you have what sounds like a comedy that Adam Sandler would star in. But truth is stranger than fiction. This crazy concoction is worthless and recently made the news when a man posing as a medical doctor was caught selling it to clients as a treatment for E.D. See the Deadbeat Doctor section of the guide. GRADE F


Grade: F

DONGINATOR – I'll be back...bigger! Are these people serious? One would have to search long and hard to find a pill dumber than this, although Big Stick comes pretty close. The before and after photos this company uses to promote it's product are totally fake. If you have ever received a piece of mail from them look closely at the base of the penises of both “after” photos shown. You will see that there is a slight color variation indicating that a different penis was spliced in. What more needs to be said about this pill after a stunt like that. Men who have used it report no growth at all. One look at the ingredients would let anyone knowledgeable in natural compounds know it won’t help your penis. It contains no growth factors or vasodilation promoting complexes. They ought to call this Dumbinator! GRADE F


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