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Here you will find over 50 questions and answers on the topic of male enhancement pills, premature ejaculation products and all things related to getting a bigger penis, having more stamina, how to last longer, which natural male enhancement pills work better, as well as information of some of the most widely publicized products such as Extenze, Enzyte, Zyrexin, Stamina Rx, Longinexx, Horny Goat Weed, Vimax, VigRx plus and many others. We are confident this information on all thing related to male enhancement supplements and penis pills is the most comprehensive in the world.

Here are the top 10 frequently asked questions of this month:

Q: What do you think about buying Viagra and Cialis on line?

A: It’s risky. In fact it’s very risky. Here’s why. Many of the websites offering to sell Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are not operated by pharmacies or legitimate medical outfits. Most, if not ALL of them, are run by outlaws residing in Costa Rica or Belize or some other country trying to avoid law enforcement officials not only in the USA, but also around the world. The way the pills are made is a joke. Out of the 10 packages we got and tested from offshore pharmacies, the pills were a joke. Some were empty, others were just bogus herbal pills, and some were way, way too strong. We tested one batch of Viagra which was found to contain 300mg per pill! That could literally KILL YOU! I would say in the strongest words possible, not to order prescription pills online. It’s way too dangerous.

Q: Does Extenze work?

A: Does it add three inches of length to your penis? No. Does it help improve your sexual ability and performance? Slightly. The primary reason Extenze is so popular is because it is masterfully marketed on television. They even have former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson as their new spokesperson. Cost them $500,000 to get him, but it helps sell pills. Check out the in-depth review, rating and expose on Extenze here on the website.

Q: I feel like a sucker. I have tried Enzyte, Extenze, Magna Rx and Maxoderm, and I still have the same scrawny 4 1/2 inch penis. What should I do?

A: Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Tons of men have tried pills that don’t work, and then they find something that does. And they are the happiest guys on the planet! Now it’s your turn. If you have tried these products and read our reviews of them, then I’m sure you’ll agree with our analysis of these products.

There are many excellent products. You, like millions of men, got swayed by the clever marketing these companies used, that’s all. Don’t sweat it. Pick a Top 5 product in any category, and your sex life will change so much you won’t believe it!

Q: If you could choose one product to use which one would you choose?

A: While there are many great products I would definitely have to say Longinexx is the one to take if you can only buy one product.  Let’s face it, when a girl tells her friend she slept with a new guy the first question - and I mean the very first question they ALL ask is "is his dick big"  or "How big is his dick?" It's true! They ALL want a guy with a big dick. So Longinexx is the answer. But not only will it make you bigger - A LOT bigger - but it also acts to help your overall erectile function. But size absolutely matters, so I would go with Longinexx, even though I think the last longer pill Dapovar is also an incredible product.

Q: I have tried three different natural sex pills and nothing seems to work? Am I deformed, or what is the story?

A: No, of course you are not deformed. No one pill works for all men. Viagra only has a success rate of 60%, and the same holds true for natural pills. It’s like most things; you must try a variety until you find one that works for you.

Q: What do you think is the biggest breakout product of the last year?

A: My favorite product is Longinexx, because there has never been anything like it in the past. The stuff is LEGIT - totally superior to any other pill we have tested. But pills that make you bigger are not really new. 95% of them don't work, but there have been a few that did work a bit until Longinexx came along and blew everything else away.  But all that said, you have to say the most revolutionary product breakthrough has to go to the folks in the Netherlands who developed Dapovar.  I mean everyone wants to last longer, and there really hasn't been anything this effective on the market ever.  Finally you can take a pill and it lets you last longer! Pretty huge invention because it really works. I'm not trying to take anything away from any of the other products. There are a bunch of good ones and some nice new developments, but let’s face it Dapovar CHANGES EVERYTHING! Think about when Viagra first came out - it was a GAME CHANGER. I feel the same way about Dapovar. So many guys ejaculate too early, but now those days are over. So Dapovar is absolutely the biggest development I have seen.

Q: What is the big deal about how herbs are mixed? Why do herbs work better mixed than they do individually?

A: Well, there are several reasons why they work better if mixed properly.  Here is the story in a nutshell. Each formula compound contains two-to-five primary agent herbs that are part of the blend designed for specific purposes. Since all body parts, and most symptoms are interrelated, it is wise to have herbs that can affect each part of the problem. Body balance is encouraged by a combination of herbal nutrients, rather than a large supply of one or two focused properties. A combination allows inclusion of herbs that can work at different stages of need. This concept is where you hear different supplements talk about “delivery” or “transport” systems. A combination of several herbs with similar properties can increase the latitude of effectiveness, primarily through a wider range of activity. Finally, some of the extremely potent and complex herbs are beneficial in small amounts, and as catalysts, but should not be used alone.

Q: What about the supplement DHEA as a treatment for impotence? I heard there was some pretty solid scientific research behind it, and that it works like a charm.

A:Don’t get too excited. Saying it works like a charm is an extreme exaggeration. The study often referred to was done by Dr. Werner Reiter at the University of Vienna. Forty patients with E.D. were involved. After six months of taking 50mg of DHEA daily, 45% of them reported improvement in maintaining an erection. No adverse effects were reported and testosterone levels had increased to normal. Promising. But hardly a sensation.

Q: I tried Viagra and a couple of different natural alternatives, and nothing happened at all. I sat there and waited three hours and did not get an erection. Is it hopeless for me?

A:No, it is not hopeless for you. Remember, if you take Viagra or a top alternative, you will still need some type of stimulation to produce an erection. You can’t just take a pill and sit around waiting for an erection to suddenly pop up. You must engage in some form of romantic activity: kissing, petting, etc.

Q; Yohimbe seems to be widely used in natural sex pills. What is it yohimbe does that makes it so popular in these pills?

A:Yohimbe comes from the bark of an African tree of the same name. Yohimbe is a very popular male sexual supplement with a growing body of science supporting this. Yohimbe helps increase penile blood flow, while at the same time reducing penile blood outflow. Getting more blood to the penis and keeping it there is essential to achieving an erection. Yohimbe also temporarily blocks the sypathetic nervous system. This helps delay male ejaculation, allowing for intercourse to last longer, a benefit that everyone enjoys. It should be noted that people taking MAO (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) should not take products containing yohimbe.

Q: I heard that L-arginine if used too much can actually cause an outbreak of herpes. Is that true?

A:L-arginine, which is a key ingredient in most top products. According to herpes researcher Christopher Kagan, M.D., herpes DNA uses L-arginine to replicate itself and form a virus. So by taking L-arginine, a man with herpes could have an outbreak. If you do not have herpes, you do not have to worry.

Q: Can there be interactions between natural supplements and prescription drugs?

A: Yes. Because some drugs can negatively interact with some supplements and cause problems for you, it is important that you clear things with your doctor first before mixing drugs and supplements. If you are taking a prescription drug, see your doctor and show him the supplement you are thinking of taking. This is especially true if you are going to take a product that includes Yohimbe, which is a fast-acting, central nervous system stimulant. Check with your doctor first.

Q: I have read in the newspaper about herbal or OTC sex pills that were discovered to be secretly laced with Viagra. Can you tell me, is this true? And how it is possible?

A: This may come as a shock to many of you but there have been numerous products that claim to be "all natural," but have turned out to be secretly laced with prescription drugs. In the sex-supplement arena over 12 different products have been pulled off the market by the FDA and the FBI for secretly containing either Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) or Cialis (Tadalafil) or Levitra (Vardenafil) or some similar chemical compound.  And the prostate supplement PC Specs was also discovered to be secretly laced with the prescription drug Wafarin before it was pulled off the market and the people behind the fraud given prison terms. See our latest news section for more on this.

I used to get calls from some pretty shady characters. A guy would call me to say he wanted to meet and introduce me to some rare or exotic herb that was better than anything on the market. I would get the sample, try it myself, and give it to men on my staff to try; and we could usually tell when we were being given a chemical. I never did, nor would I ever do business with these guys. But others in the industry either intentionally or unintentionally have done so.

Q: Are all of these products completely safe? I know they are natural, but does that automatically mean they are safe?

A: Not all supplements are automatically safe just because they’re all natural. But don’t worry. Unless you have an existing heart, liver or kidney problem, these compounds are very safe, and dietary supplements have a very enviable safety record, being far safer than even food! The one compound that is cause for close monitoring is yohimbe, which is a central nervous system stimulant. But other than yohimbe, most supplements are extremely safe.

Q: I have heard some testosterone-heavy products can lead to hair loss and testicle shrinkage. Is this true?

A: Yes, it is true. If you want to lose your hair and shrink your testicles to the size of raisins, then keep pounding the testosterone. Some men take steroids, both legal and illegal, looking to boost their sex drive, and they ultimately end up in worse shape than they were in before. Steroid use can ultimately lead to death after years of overuse. Such testosterone precursors as “andro,” if abused, can lead to hair loss and shrinkage of your testicles. However, you would have to take large doses every day for many years before you would begin to experience these terrible side effects.

Q: I read something on the Internet that sounded like something out of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. But figured if anyone knew the straight scoop it would be you. So I’ll ask. I read a report that a guy took some herbal potency pills and he had an erection for three days, and that he is suing the manufacturer. Is this true? Can this happen, or is this one of those urban legends?

A: Strange, but 100% true. A man in his 40s took an herbal pill and claims to have gotten an erection that lasted for three days as a result. It was a real court case, and the man is serious. The condition where an erection won’t go away is called Priapism. For those of you who might think some of the top herbal pills aren’t very effective, this man’s story illustrates the power pretty clearly. Now, getting such a condition is quite rare, so it’s not much of a real concern.

Q: What is the difference between an extract and a powder of the same compound?

A: An extract is a concentrated form of a compound, where the active portion of the plant or herb has been "extracted" and concentrated. A powder is just the plant or herb crushed up until it's a dusty powder. You will see in my product reviews that I am very critical of products that use powders, and for good reason. There are huge differences between the quality and potency of herbs on the market, even if they have the same name. Imagine if the government required cars to list their ingredients. A Ferrari would come with a label that says 4 tires, one trunk, one steering wheel, and one engine. The label for a Toyota would also say 4 tires, one trunk, one steering wheel, and one engine. But as we know, the difference is dramatic! The same holds true with herbal compounds. Most companies are out for a fast buck and use the cheapest ingredients they can find, figuring they will maximize profits that way. Actually, just the opposite is true. By spending the extra money to give the consumer a better product and reducing your profit margin a bit, you will actually make much more money in the long run. Because the product will really work, and men will buy again and again, and so on. Top companies, and there are only a few, use only the best ingredients in their products. A great example of this is Zyrexin. It is different from all other products because of the extremely high level of extracts used in the company's formula. What levels that are used is not known, but testing shows the concentration of the herbs to be incredibly high, indicating top extracts.

Q: Some of the things you are telling me are very upsetting. I feel like the supplement store I buy from has been scamming me. They sell some of the stuff you identify as pure junk. Do you think store owners are in on these scams and are profiting just like the sleazy companies?

A: People look at this website and they say to me, “Wow, this information blows me away! I never knew any of this stuff” or “Man, there are a lot of scams out there. Are health food stores in on the scam? They must know. Right?” Wrong! Store owners are not in on any scam. In health-food stores there are thousands of supplements. Everything from Vitamin C to multiple vitamins to Noni Juice to cleansers, you name it. How does a store owner have the time or money to check out each and every supplement he or she carries? They don’t. Plus, most supplement and vitamin companies are honest, so a normal retailer would have no reason to suspect a product might be any different.

I have spent a small fortune compiling all this information, and sending products out to three different laboratories to have them independently tested and analyzed. I have traveled all over the place. I have hired investigators. I have sent people on my staff to different countries. And I have flown researchers and scientists from other countries to Los Angeles. For a store owner, or even a chain store, to devote this much time and energy to one category would be virtually impossible. So don’t lose faith in your local supplement retailers if they are carrying some of the bogus products listed and exposed here. This news is probably coming as a surprise to them as well, and I am sure they will discontinue carrying the fraudulent products if you let then know what you discover.

Q: Some of these products are so expensive. Sixty dollars a month seems like a high price to pay for better sex. Are there any low-priced alternatives?

A:If you think these pills are expensive, think about how much not having sex costs you! Or what about lousy sex? These pills don’t cost too much. They pay off! How can you put a price on great sex? There are plenty of places in life to save a few bucks, but I’d go first-class, so to speak, when is comes to your sex life. Most guys don’t have the money to own a Porsche or a private jet. But heck, everyone can scramble together a few hundred dollars to have great sex, right? This is just one of the few examples where how much money you have isn’t a barrier to the top-of-the-line choices. You don’t have to be a millionaire to use the same great sexual supplements as movie stars or professional athletes. So if you think these top products are expensive, try having lousy sex or no sex at all. Just think how costly that would be. The best stuff does cost the most, but this is definitely an area where it is usually worth it. But if you are really on a tight budget, then there are some stores that feature discounts on good products from time to time.

Q: Are clinical studies and published studies absolute proof that a compound works?

A: Listen, let me make something 100% clear, just because a compound or a product has a scientific study or two that shows it works or shows some promise, that is not the end of the story. This doesn’t mean it is a “lock” and you can’t lose. At the end of the day what it really is, is a suggestion or a good indication that something may work. I get excited when I see a study that shows something is working, but that is not the whole story. You have to look at the specifics of the study, who did it, was it a human or animal study, was it really a clinical study or just a survey, was it blind, double-blind, was it random, was it peer-reviewed? There are hundreds of questions to ask. Remember pharmaceutical drugs go through literally hundreds of studies, and still there are problems. And they don’t work for everyone. Just look at Vioxx, Celebrexx and Phen Fen, to cite a few.

One study (or a few studies) is better than none, of course. But I believe “real world” experience and feedback from men taking pills is also a very valuable tool in determining if something really works. So, when someone cites a study, remember it is not concrete “proof” that something automatically works, but rather it is “evidence” or  an “indication” that it will work. And, as we know, some evidence is stronger than others.

Q: What do you know about penis surgery?

A:Not too much. I do know that going under the knife is the only way to add an inch or two to the length of your penis. I read a book called High Concept, which was the autobiography of Don Simpson, the late Hollywood movie producer of such hits at Top Gun, Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop, and many others. He was the partner of Jerry Bruckheimer. Don was a legendary ladies man. He went under the knife for penis-enlargement surgery, and it was a nightmare. His book details how the operation basically mutilated his penis. He was in incredible pain and it never worked the same again. You might want to read about Don’s experience. Not everyone can be Tommy Lee, so make the most of what you have by using supplements and taking care of your body and health.

Q: Adding size to the length is great, but what about girth?  Women like a thick penis, too, yes?

A: No question women like a thicker penis as well. Supplements that help increase erection size also increase girth as well. This is achieved as the capillaries in the two erectile chambers expand. In fact, you most likely will notice a change in girth before you start to see any other changes.


Q: I have tried two male enhancement supplements with no results. I don’t think they did much for me or my sex life at all. Are there some men who do not respond to these pills at all?

A: The key question is, which pills did you use? If the answer is New Member or Magna Rx or some other poorly conceived product, it’s no wonder you didn’t get any results. These products do nothing. Not everyone responds to these pills just like not everyone responds to Tylenol or aspirin or any other pill. But generally speaking, you will get results with a top product. Companies boast success rates higher than 80% and even 90% in a few cases. Try a top supplement, maybe the third time will be the charm for you. But don’t fret, there is nothing wrong with you.

Q: Which product do you feel produces the best results?

A: When you evaluate all of the research, analysis and testing we have done on these products, it is obvious that Longinexx is by far the leading male enhancement supplement. It is the Rolls Royce of the industry. Please see our review of Longinexx on the Get Bigger Pills page.

Q: I heard the scientist who invented the pills to make your penis larger won the Nobel Prize. Is it really true or is it just an urban legend?

A: You have it a little mixed up, so let’s set the record straight. The way your penis chambers expand is primarily through the increase of nitric oxide in those chambers.  Natural compounds found in these supplements increase and stimulate nitric oxide production, which leads to an increase in size.  Nitric oxide is so powerful it won Science Magazine’s “Molecule of the Year” award in 1994. In 1998 the Nobel Prize was award to three pharmacologists: Robert Furchgott, PhD, Ferid Murad, MD, PhD, and Louis Igarro PhD. They noted that nitric oxide has many benefits including "acting as a gatekeeper of blood flow to various organs.” So that’s the Nobel Prize penis pill connection.

Q: How long does it take for these supplements to work?

A: Top supplements can start working almost right away, with an increase in girth and stamina, and skyrocket your pleasure. Some men will show results quicker than others. Remember the size increase is slow and steady. Don’t believe the claims about three inches in 30 days. To truly achieve enhancement you are happy with, 12-18 weeks will be needed, depending upon the supplement. Be smart and allow yourself ample time, and in the end you will be happy you did.

Q: Can someone be too old to do anything about erectile difficulties?

A: No! Attitude, not age, is the biggest barrier to correcting erectile difficulties. Plenty of men in their 70’s and 80’s are "getting the magic back," as they say.

Q: What do you know about the “Ropes?” Is there some Swedish sex pill that can let men have multiple orgasms and bigger, thicker ejaculations?

A: No, this is just more lies from the weasels behind Enzyte. You are probably talking about the product Ogoplex, formally called Mioplex. There is no pill we have seen that will allow a man to have multiple orgasms. However, if you want to increase your amount of semen, take mega-doses of vitamin E.  After about three or four days, you'll find yourself producing a great deal more semen than normal.

Q: I recently saw an ad that caught my attention for a natural potency pill called Primal Instinct that promised increased pleasure. This ad showed some study results and claimed this was scientific proof that this supplement works. Do you know if this is true?

A: I am aware of the ad and the study you are talking about. First of all, “proof” is a very strong word. One scientific study isn’t proof of anything. Top supplement companies are very careful when using the word proof. They realize that studies offer evidence that something does or doesn’t work. I think you would need a number of pretty solid studies before you could convince me they represent “proof” of anything. The study Primal Instinct claims as proof was not conducted in any lab or university. It was conducted by an advertising agency and was actually a survey. The claims are a joke!

Q: I have heard that being overweight can lead to erectile difficulties. Can being heavy really have any effect on my ability to have a strong erection?

A: Absolutely. In fact, doctors in Italy did a study of obese men and what effect being obese had on their erectile quality. The results were alarming. It was determined that heavy men had a 30% chance of developing severe erectile problems. When the men in the study lost weight and went on a diet and exercise program, a little more than one-third of them regained their erectile function. While those that stayed heavy still had severe problems. So put the Big Mac down.

Q: I heard a couple of guys down at the track talking about impotence and they were saying that cigarette smoking is what causes impotence. Is that true?

A: Well, cigarette smoking is by no means the only cause of impotence, but it is a significant culprit. Obviously, the dangers attributed to smoking are well known, but what isn’t as well known is that it can lead to impotence. Smoking cigarettes damages blood vessels and nerves. Remember, E.D. specifically refers to difficulties with the apparatus that control erections. This is almost always the result of damage to the nerves or blood vessels. So stop smoking!

Q: I have heard that in China men have incredible sex, never have any problems, and it is because they all take ginseng. Can you look into this for me and let me know the story behind ginseng and sexual performance?

A: There is very little credible scientific evidence that ginseng has a significant effect on sexual function. Ginseng is a mild energizer and overall healthy substance. I think it has positive benefits, and take it myself occasionally. But it is not a great pro-sexual compound. Try it yourself, but I don’t think you will notice much of a difference. Some supplement marketers are touting Korean Red Ginseng (KRG) as being very effective because of one widely referenced KRG study. But the study was commissioned by the manufacturer of Korean Red Ginseng! They did the study, no one else. And there are no other such studies. Bottom line: ginseng of any kind only plays a very minor role in improving sexual function.

Q: What does it really mean you can increase erection size? Can my erections get bigger, or is this just more double talk?

A: No, it is not double talk. You can definitely increase the size of your erection. You are not going to be able to have your penis bigger in its flaccid state. But when you get an erection and are about to have sex, that is when the size increase occurs. And isn’t that when you want it to occur? Who cares how you look when you are alone by yourself? You want to be big when it is “Showtime,” and you’re in the game. The size increases can be quite dramatic depending on the current condition of your penis. The way your erection gets bigger is through vasodilation and expansion of the chambers of your penis during sex, and then the retention of the blood inside those chambers.

Q: Is it better to take capsules or tablets? What is the difference between the two of them?

A: It is much cheaper and faster to produce rock-hard tablets, which increases company profit margins. Tablets are formed by applying tons of direct pressure to powder at high temperatures, which can cause decomposition of active ingredients. Many “active” ingredients, primarily sugars, starches, bonding agents (glue) are added to the formulas in order to hold all the substances in a tablet. Some tablets even have chemical coatings that are added to make them easier to swallow and mask the taste of powders. Often times tablets will pass through your entire digestive system un-dissolved or only partially absolved. This explains why a lot of dietary supplements, not just sexual supplements, do not work as well as they could. In a capsule form, free-flowing powdered ingredients and extracts normally become available for absorption in a matter of a few minutes after swallowing.  They have a neutral taste and ability to protect active ingredients from moisture. 

Q: What is the average age of men taking sexual supplements?

A: Men of all ages are taking them. Age is not an issue when sex is the issue. Any man who wants bigger, stronger erections and more stamina is a perfect candidate for sexual supplements. Most of the older men want to improve their basic erectile function. Most of these men have tried prescription drugs and they didn’t work for them, or they can’t use prescription drugs. Then there is another larger group of older men who are new to any kind of pill, and they would rather try something safe and natural. In the long run, that is the smarter option. They want firm, hard erections. The younger men in their 20s and 30s want to see how big their erections can get and to improve their stamina. They date a lot of different women, and pumping up the size of their erections and the ability to last longer is what they are looking for. Men in their 40s and 50s want a little bit of everything it seems: harder, stronger, more energy--you name it. Sex is fun at any age. So men of all ages who are looking to get a boost seek out the latest scientific secret weapons.

Q: When my wife and I go out, I toss a few back and by the time we get home, and it is time to have sex, my erection is weak. Can any of these pills work in such a situation? I am not interested in Viagra, since it gives me a headache and costs a little too much for me.

A: Yes, there is an answer. As one option, take any of the top 5 Viagra alternatives before you go out and start drinking. Remember to make sure you take them on an empty stomach and you will be ready when the time comes. It should do the trick for you.

Q: I’m in my mid-40s and over the last few years it seems like my penis is smaller and my erections are not as hard as they used to be. Is this normal, or am I headed for trouble?

A: Very normal. In fact, studies have shown that a man’s penis starts to shrink in size as he gets older. This is most noticeable after age 40, with the penis shrinking almost 20%. Yikes! Many men over age 40 are looking for pills to get their size back, and improve the hardness and endurance of their erections as well. The good news is that you can actually get your size back and you can improve your performance.

Q: What happens if I stop taking the supplements? Will I go back to the way I was before I started to take it? Why must it be taken everyday?

A: If you water a plant that has been neglected for too long, it will start to come back to life. It gets stronger, healthier, and starts to look and perform like it is supposed to. Once it is very healthy and back to normal, you no longer have to water it quite so much. But if you begin neglecting it again, it will gradually revert back to the way it was. What you need to do is take care of it at a minimum level. After about ninety days, you will reach a plateau with many of these supplements where you can cut back on the pills dramatically. In fact, many men choose to take it only on a “situation specific” basis. But I definitely don't recommend going cold turkey and stopping all together. You could taper down to three times a week, one pill a day, or skip one week and follow the program the next week. You will be able to tell what works best for you.

Q: What are the most common mistakes men make when trying to improve their sexual performance and ability with the use of sexual supplements?

A: The answer is simple: they don’t do their research. But who can blame them? Who has the time to thoroughly investigate each potential product out there? That was one of the main reasons I put this site together. Most men buy  products because the ads are convincing, or the vitamin store clerk makes a recommendation. Little do they know that the ads are usually filled with lies, the "doctors" are often fake, and the clerk at the vitamin store is getting a $3 "spiff” from the manufacturer for every bottle of their product he sells. Remember, information is power. Knowledge is power. Reading this guide gives you the “Insider” view of what the industry is really like. Some products work, some don’t, and some are just junk.

Q: Where do you see sexual supplement in five and ten years?

A: I think they will be as much a part of American life as baseball and pizza. The advancements that are taking place are huge. Dapovar is a quantum leap forward for example. I think people realize that there are natural ways to support, maintain, and enhance all aspects of health. Among the driving forces behind America’s increased interest in natural approaches to health and wellness are the scandals and fraud that are rocking the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Man-made food is garbage! Check out the documentary film called “Super Size Me” if you get a chance. Or read about the dangers of aspartame, the sweetener found in diet drinks and other products. It causes brain cancer. The list goes on and on. People are being lied to and tricked by these food and pharmaceutical companies who are just out to make money. And when looking at the newest growth industry for lawsuits, food fraud is going to be the next tobacco industry.

And the pharmaceutical industry continues to rage out of control. Vioxx has killed how many people? One source has it above 100,000! Remember Fen Phen, the diet pill? How many people did that kill? People are sick and tired of being lied to by the pharmaceutical industry. There are so many high profile examples of people living longer and healthier lives with plenty of energy, and looking and feeling great both mentally and physically. And many of them use and discuss the important role natural supplements play in their health and wellness strategies. Look at how popular yoga has become. Everything natural is better in just about all situations. So I think we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexual supplements. I think in five years they will be even better than today, thanks to better research, more discoveries, better extracting processing, and the like.  I can’t wait!

Q: I kind of feel embarrassed about taking these supplements. Aren’t most guys embarrassed if women find out they need to take penis enlargement pills?

What is there to be embarrassed about? You are doing something that will make you more attractive to women, and there will be nothing embarrassing about the size of your new penis! Smart women will see your use of male enhancement supplements as a positive; after all they will benefit greatly from the new you too! You are not alone; millions of men are proudly making the decision to use these supplements. It is really a quality of life decision. By increasing your size and vitality you are improving your level of pleasure and therefore your options in life. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Technology now exists to increase penis size and to increase your pleasure, what is wrong with taking advantage of that? Actually, there would be something wrong if you didn’t take advantage of such advancements. Life is short, don’t be embarrassed, enjoy this gift science has made available.

Q: Is there such a thing as penis that is too big? How will I know when to stop?

How big you want to get is up to you. It is recommended that you not go beyond 9 inches. While women can accommodate a man with an erection larger than nine inches, most report that it is unpleasant. These products may require an adjustment period. In some cases, increase in erection size and fullness may cause discomfort during intercourse. This typically subsides within a few days. Stop if you reach nine or more inches.

Q: What effect will a bigger penis have on my love life?

As one respondent wrote “what would a 10 million dollar deposit in your checking account do for you?” the improvement is dramatic. We have received many responses from men raving about how their sex life has improved it is hard to describe. Their lovers are delighted with the new “bigger men.” Bottom line, your sex life will be the best it has ever been. Think the Super Bowl of sex!

Q: How do these supplements actually work to increase the size of my penis?

In a nutshell, top supplements naturally force more blood into your penis through a proven process known as vasodilation by increasing Nitric Oxide levels in your penis which increase its size.

Q: I am 47 years old and over the last several years it seems like my penis is smaller and my erections are not as hard. Is this normal?

Very normal. In fact, studies have shown that a man’s penis starts to shrink in size as he gets older. This is most noticeable after age 40, with the penis shrinking almost 20%. Many men over age 40 take these pills to get their size back, and to add additional size also. This is common. .

Q: How old are the men who take these penis enlargement pills?

Men of all ages are taking them. Age is not a factor when penis size is the issue. Any man who wants a bigger penis can and should take these pills. We get letters from men of all ages 21-81. The benefits are not for any one age group, all men win.

Q: How long does it take for these supplements to work?

Top supplements can start working almost right away, with an increase in girth, stamina and intensified pleasure, all very noticeable quickly. Some men will show results quicker than others. Remember the size increase is slow and steady. Don’t believe the claims about 3 inches in 30 days. Data shows most men report initial results within three to four weeks. To truly achieve enhancement you are happy with, 12-18 weeks will be needed depending upon the supplement. Be smart and allow yourself ample time and in the end you will be very happy with improvements you experience.

Q: I have tried two male enhancement supplements with no results. I don’t think they did much for me or my sex life at all. Are there some men who do not respond to these pills at all?

The key question is which pills did you use? If the answer is New Member or some other poorly conceived product it's no wonder you didn’t get any results. These products will not help any man. Not everyone responds to these pills just like not everyone responds to Tylenol or Advil or any other pill. But generally speaking most men will get results with a top product. Companies boast success rates higher than 80% and even 90% in a few cases. Try a top supplement, maybe the third time will be the charm for you. But don’t fret, there is nothing wrong with you. You most likely used an inferior product.

Q: How come so many of these products that are rated so high are only sold over the Internet? If they
are so good why aren't they in stores like GNC?

Great question. We feel the same way about most male enhancement products sold over the Internet. Most are bogus
and no store would put them on their shelves. But if you look at our ratings you'll see that there are many pills sold in stores.
Take Zyrexin. Walk into any WalMart, CVS, GNC or Rite aide and get it. Stamina Rx, Vivaxa, Arginmax ..etc. the list goes
on. But remember just because a store has it on its shelves doesn't mean its great either, but it is some kind of indication in most cases.

Q: I see Jimmy Johnson the Dallas Cowboys former coach and Fox TV NFL analyst doing ads for Extenze? I lost a lot of respect for him to see
him endorse those bogus pills. He must have gotten a boatload of Benjamins. Do you know much they paid him?

The deal gets him $500,000 the first year ($125,000 up front and $125,000 quarterly with a 10% increase each successive year he
continues to endorse it) and it will get him $550,000 the second year if he continues doing it.

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